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Comment Re:It was a myth (Score 1) 986

Read her post. She does not think that Groklaw communications are of interest because of national security.

It is that she feels the NSA's grubby fingerprints over everything she reads and writes, and she can't stand the privacy violation. She likens it to when she was robbed and the thief pawed through her clothes.

Comment Re:If I have a day job? (Score 1) 326

I kind of hate this recent assumption that all open-source programmers with work on github must be programming geniuses.

That's the thing about metrics. "If you cannot measure it, it means it doesn't exist." Consequently, the only things that exist are the ones that you can measure.

They can measure your contributions to GitHub. They can't measure your contributions at your job.

It sucks, but any improvement is welcome. After all, according to another maxim, "the perfect is the enemy of the good."

Comment Re:Dumbest idea, ever (Score 1) 282

Selling hardware at a loss is always a loosing proposition

I dunno, the market might be tightening up. Personally, I'm riveted by the turns that the economy has been taking. Granted, we were all screwed by the banks, but the recovery has been nuts. Everyone's been really driven, and I think we're really threading the needle, here.

In fact, I'm going to go mix up a screwdriver and drill down into some quarterly statements.

Comment Re:The Clipboard (Score 1) 704

It also has the distinction of being invisible - out doesn't even feed back.

It wasn't always invisible. As far as I know, the Macintosh brought the clipboard concept to the masses, and it came with the "Clipboard" desk accessory where you could see whatever the clipboard currently had in it.

In fact, I've just discovered that that feature is still in place. The OS X Finder has a "Show Clipboard" command in the Edit menu.

Comment Re:64-bit computers DO NOT solve this problem (Score 2) 492

Don't talk to me about JSON. JSON does not specify a date/time format at all.

That means the date will be transmitted in some half-assed quote-unquote "format" imagineered by the whimpering skunk fetuses that oh-so-poorly serve as the brains of the inbred sasquatches that are writing the server side.

You'd be amazed at how many programmers don't understand the concept of time zones.

(Invective courtesy of Sodium Eyes.)

Comment Re:They're both right. (Score 1) 75

The Polarans solved FTL travel ages ago, and now use it to troll other civilisations by placing their star along some life-bearing planet's axis of rotation, waiting for people to develop advanced astronomy, then randomly feinting at them to mess with the scientists' heads.

Applying Occam's Razor to the question, you are almost certainly correct.

Comment Re:Any kind of heart rate raising activity will wo (Score 1) 372

Seriously, I rode a bike for years, and had a few encounters with cars (and their inattentive drivers) that could have ended fatally if I didn't have quick reflexes.

Did you miss the part where you're supposed to do something to raise your heartbeat? A near-fatal accident will do the trick.

More seriously, though, reflexes and attention to surroundings are like anything else. If you don't use them, you lose them. If you want to keep those skills, you want to ride in (or at least near) traffic.

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