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Comment CenturyLink (Score 1) 396

My CenturyLink 10Mbps DSL in WA State delivers 65ms ping to a Google DNS server. I get 6-7ms ping to their gateway. It's rock solid unless my connection is saturated. They were significantly oversubscribed and were listing our area as having an "outage" for over a year before they finally got our backbone upgraded, but it's amazing now. You can ask them to switch you from Interleaved mode to Fast mode if your line is decent. That can reduce your ping time significantly. But it sounds like they have some other major issue in your area.

I was lucky, I scored a great contact with the central office tech in my area. I'm able to give him timely notification of outages and things, and he is able to provide excellent service through bad times. Their residential customer service is on par with Comcast.

Comment Re:Twisted pair, man (Score 1) 608

I'd guess he can afford the house because he doesn't throw money away when he doesn't have to. But I agree with pretty much everyone in this thread, including you: Just use the coax to pull new cable. I recently did this in an ancient three story house. It took a couple of hours to do all the runs but it was not really that difficult and saved a LOT of time and effort in the end.

Comment Re:Space Bar (Score 1) 939

That's interesting. I just noticed that I use my spacebar in a really similar way. My keyboard of choice is a Kensington laptop style keyboard and my right thumb apparently never moves at all. I've worn a very tight pattern on the far right side of the key. There is a wear mark about an inch wide where my left thumb apparently fills in on occasion. Thinking about that is making it really difficult to type...

I actually use my left hand for more keys than I should. "H" and "Y" are left hand. Comes from playing games- using the mouse or (before +mouselook) arrow keys with my right hand and typing something, I think. Maybe that's why my left thumb moves around more.

Comment Re:The writing's on the wall. (Score 1) 271

My mother is an amateur photographer. She has several terabytes of stuff and is constantly complaining about running out of hard drive space for all her photos. Imagine if she was into video. Speaking of video, how many of us have parents or grandparents with dozens of hours of video on tape? Don't you think they would have recorded more if they had access to tiny digital HD video cameras and unlimited storage space? Ease of use is the only reason the "standard consumer" doesn't have multiple terabytes of data, and as we become more savvy and things get easier it will quickly become mainstream.

Comment Re:In Norway (Score 1) 433

Limit the armed forces to the high-tech forces that can't be staffed on a volunteer basis plus a training cadre capable of quickly training and equipping large numbers of volunteers for the bulk of the ground forces.

Because this will make us really effective when our troops go up against professional soldiers.

Comment Freedom. (Score 4, Insightful) 710

Ubuntu won't "just be windows" because it is free (NOT as in beer). The more I use my 360 and PS3 to try to play media from my PC the more I understand how bad the protected DRM-everything model is for consumers. That's the future of Windows, guys. People are not going to put up with their hardware refusing to do what should easily be able to do as long as there is an alternative that will do everything else too. Convenience is king, and DRM is becoming increasingly restrictive and annoying.

Comment Re:This is bullshit (Score 1) 440

Who are you trying to kid? The man is a corrupt politician who was taking kickbacks. He should do hard time in a PMITA prison. It isn't like we're charging him for something he did in his younger, more reckless days. He knew what he was risking, and now he should get what he deserves. Corruption can not be tolerated. Make an example of him. He is in office and we should hold him to a higher standard if anything.

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