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Comment Re: "Shows Why We Can't Have Nice Things For Cheap (Score 1) 241

The balls would be hit and fall to some measurable pattern. It really shouldn't be hard to prove if one ball is "better" than another.

However it sounds like bollocks for someone to have a patent on dimples or anything else in a golf ball. While quality, patterns and materials may vary causing some balls to be better than others, the general form and function of golf ball has more or less gone unchanged in the last 40 years.

Comment Re:"video game category was weak" (Score 1) 105

Below Gamestop prices != good value. Look at the price of best selling games in CeX versus Tesco, Sainsburys, Argos, Amazon etc. The second hand game in CeX retails for the same as the brand new game elsewhere. CeX even pay a reduced VAT on the difference between what they bought for and what they sold for too so they probably make higher margins than those other places too.

I'm sure they have a surplus of old consoles and might sell them somewhat reasonable. It doesn't excuse the fleecing that is their main bread and potatoes. Look at the price of a Nintendo Switch next time you're passing the window.

Comment Re:"video game category was weak" (Score 1) 105

CeX also sells used games for more money than they can be obtained brand new, just like Gamestop. They don't even have to worry about VAT on second hand sales so the margins are huge.

And no they're not just 2nd hand. They can and do buy up stock of in-demand items and then sell them for a greatly inflated prices. They did this with PSVR and with Nintendo Switch. For example the Nintendo Switch which has an RRP of £280 is selling in their stores right now for £340.

Comment "video game category was weak" (Score 4, Insightful) 105

I'm sure it had nothing to do with Gamestop's terrible customer service, poor staff morale, product upselling, or the ripoff markup applied to everything in-store. It's so bad that you can frequently buy a brand new video game elsewhere for less than they're trying to palm off some second hand copy. I'm surprised they're even still in business. Same goes for CeX for that matter.

Comment Re:Sounds like a great idea (Score 1) 51

I'm not aware of any drones capable of autonomously navigating the sort of enclosed spaces and avoiding hazards that a typical city would contain. Wires would be especially perilous but also seagulls, flying debris (paper / plastic / leaves), wind gusts around tall buildings, rain, trees, festival decorations etc.

And self drive vehicles are nowhere close to Johnny Cab levels of automation. Even the most advanced of them screw up and require human interventions either because they get stuck, do something dumb or put the car / passengers at risk. Tesla's self drive is especially limited and is basically just a glorified lane tracking system that requires human oversight. Even there we've seen what can happen when the system goes catastrophically wrong.

Comment Sounds like a great idea (Score 1) 51

Now all they have to do is invent these amazing hover pods capable of carrying people, develop the software able to land, take off, navigate them autonomously (including not crashing into each other, wires, buildings, signage etc.), find some idiots willing to be guinea pigs to ride in them, and finally erect a 100m tall flashing sign that says VAINGLORY on one side and HUBRIS on the other.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 207

Yes I've run it in VirtualBox too. Biggest issue is trying to install the damned thing and the fact that OS/2 used ring-0 in weird ways that no virtual machine supported properly until recently. System requirements for OS/2 are so puny that it doesn't make sense to rewrite it - 16MB, single core, 200MB HDD would do. The software it runs isn't a moving target so there is no reason for the OS to be either.

Comment Re:Poor business (Score 1) 395

One guys "crap" is another guys entertainment.

Rotten Tomatoes produce a score that is the consensus of often hundreds of reviews. You're free to ignore the consensus, agree with it, or disagree with it. You're free to read individual reviews and likewise come to your own conclusion.

Sensible people pay heed of reviews even if they don't agree with them. Producers like Brett Ratner, Michael Bay et al would prefer that you didn't though.

Comment Here's an idea (Score 2) 395

Stop making shit films and make good ones instead. Critics won't call you out for making shit films. Cinema goers will pay lots of money to see good films.

Or continue to make shit films and then whine that people have the means to discover if a film is shit before wasting their money and time watching it.

Comment So how do you enforce that? (Score 1) 197

The US doesn't know who has visited those territories at any point in their lives. Nor does it know if these people have social media accounts or not. Nor does it know whether the accounts that it is told about are their genuine accounts or just some phony "legend" accounts that are intended to be innocuous. Providing the person doesn't walk through with their phone / laptop signed into an incriminating account its hard to see what the US can do.

To me it doesn't seem like it serves any purpose at all except to act as more bureaucracy and another excuse to turn "undesirables" away for infringing some petty and onerous rule.

Comment More crapware (Score 2) 71

Samsung fill their phones with apps that double up everything Google does but in a more crappy way. And its all baked into the firmware so it cannot be removed (only hidden), degrades performance and leaves less space for user data.

For people who want a digital assistant, somehow I doubt that "bixby" will be in any way more useful or functional than Google's. It's just more crapware that nobody asked for and nobody will use in sufficient quantity to justify its existence. It probably needs people to use all the other crapware and Samsung's cloud storage in order to function at all.

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