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Comment Re:Guess I'm obsolete... (Score 1) 114

My 2007 Macbook Pro is still find hardware-wise, though I did upgrade the hard drive a few years ago for more capacity. It hasn't been able to run a supported version of OS X for a while. I've re-imaged it with Linux so I could continue to safely use it online. I was not heavily invested in Apple apps, so was not a tough call.

I can understand the business decisions at work here, and am glad to have an option other than ponying up for shiny new hardware.

Comment Re:Needs new leadership (Score 1) 325

How is Amazon Prime's free streaming library?

Last I checked they didn't seem to have much to offer.

I watch Amazon Prime more than I watch Netflix streaming. Right now watching "The Tudors" which I did not see at origin as it was on Showtime which I don't subscribe to. I found Prime a good deal even when it just meant I could get my stuff in two days for free since I buy a LOT from Amazon. With the addition of streaming at no extra cost, it's a great deal.

Comment Re:Do not want (Score 1) 222

I dunno, for me here in the U.S., being on the list has greatly reduced the volume of calls. The honest telemarketers (if that isn't an oxymoron) adhere to it, so that batch of calls has evaporated. I still get the calls like "this is credit card services, press 1 to lower your rate" but those are lowlife scums who would call even if the death penalty was on the table, so what can you do?

Comment Re:Love (Score 1) 240

One option is to take a dance class. Not necessarily Arthur Murray or another chain. Try looking at your local community center. Most classes allow you to come without a partner. You'll meet some nice people and everyone is in the same boat you are- learning something new. It's not all ballroom either - try swing, jazz, nightclub two step, country line dancing. You won't find classes in "thrash about to loud bar music" but good fundamentals in social dance can make you much more comfortable moving to the music. If I may be a little baser here, if you are assuming everyone in this class is an old geezer: I've taken many dance classes and while yes you'll find a lot of older people (like me) in them, most have included attractive young people of both genders. That said - I recognize that in a less structured situation (like a club) you may be turned down when asking someone to dance - and maybe not politely. But at the risk of sounding like a mom - someone who would act like that isn't worth spending more time with.

Comment Media fits the criticality (Score 1) 314

For personal stuff: If it's something I need to do as soon as I get home, I write it on the back of my hand. Then I see it and can't forget about it. I have to-do lists on paper that I keep in my wallet. Longer lists of "interesting" things (e.g. a wine I had in a restaurant I want to shop for) so into a note app on my phone. At work it's different. I have a binder that I put most of my lists in. I occasionally use Tasks in Outlook for things that span both worlds.

Comment Re:"We need you to..." (Score 1) 160

"We need you to wear shirts".

Collared shirts are a deal breaker. I haven't worked at a place that required a collar for over ten years. You must be American.

Why the hate for collars? Unless they are made of concrete or razor sharp metal, what makes such a shirt less comfortable than say, a tshirt? Unless a collar necessarily means a tie along with it, then I agree.

Comment Re:BRING BACK THE CROWNVIC! (Score 1) 115

It's been a long time since I've owned a car with a front bench seat (not a Crown Vic but a lowly Galaxie) but IIRC they were more fun at the drive in movies. Though now I see people sitting in the back of their pickup or SUV at the drive in so maybe the same extracurricular activities are still taking place.

Comment Re:Sadly... (Score 1) 505

Agreed. If someone asks me for the time, I usually have to look at my watch even if I just looked at it for my own use. The glance tells me "it's getting close to the time I need to leave" but doesn't register in my mind that "oh, it's 10:25." Which is another funny thing- on occasion when asked for the time I'll answer something like "quarter past 10" and get a quizzical look from the asker. Oh, excuse me I meant 10:15. And yes I'm an old fart and yes I've always worn a watch and no, I don't think that makes me retro, just a creature of habit.

Comment Re:Not just iPhone 4s (Score 1) 487

I have a two tier system. Tier one is one of my dogs who seems to have a pretty accurate clock in her head. She starts whining virtually the same time each morning (give or take 15 minutes) to be let out. Bit of a pain on weekends and holidays. Tier two is a plug-in alarm clock with gigantic numbers I can read without my glasses. I can't remember the last time I overslept.

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