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Comment Re:Big deal (Score 1) 665

So even though I know how to fix my own bike, i should take it to a "specialist" who will charge me 10x more to get the job done than if i had purchased the parts myself?

Also, being such a tall order, a lot of other comments would better qualify as "go(ing) against the very essence of civilization."

You do seem to acknowledge the danger of "specialists", and something about ruling powers and oppression, so I think you're supporting the "do it yourself" mentality. One which i hope will repopulate all aspects of our lives, like growing your own food.

Comment Rocking Idea! (Score 1) 381

The scalability on your idea is huge. How about a timeline where events don't occur until a given date?

Congrats. You have won a USB drive. Now wait until Jan 31 or later and check back.

2GB is a lot of space to fill, unless video is involved - but you don't have fill it. Some of the 50 receivers may not have USB sticks and may appreciate one.

and most importantly, how do I create empty lines with HTML enabled?

Comment Only Gov't Jobs Need a Masters (Score 1) 834

They rank candidates on a merit system. A masters has more merit than a Bachelors, but ~2 years experience will cancel that out. But a Masters will give you more opportunity to advance, basically all management (read: do nothing) jobs in the government require a Masters.

This is Canada, US or whereever may be different.

The Internet

Bell Proposing Usage-Based Billing 238

Idiomatick writes "Bell Canada is attempting to impose UBB on its wholesale customers. As Bell was given a last-mile monopoly in much of Canada by the government, they are required to follow rules set up by the CRTC; this includes leasing their lines to competitive ISPs. And they are given a directive by the CRTC to provide competitive speeds to said ISPs. Teksavvy has informed its customers that were this to go through, the current monthly cap would be quartered and the cost for exceeding it would be 'multiple times more than our current per Gigabyte rate of $0.25/GB on overages.' They have also helpfully included a link where you can send your comments/concerns to the CRTC directly."
Input Devices

Dvorak Layout Claimed Not Superior To QWERTY 663

Michael Pyne sends in an article published at Reason Online 13 years ago, dismantling the entrenched myth that the Dvorak keyboard layout is a superior technology to QWERTY. The odd thing is that this 13-year-old article recaps research (refereed and published in a respected economics journal) 19 years ago. While we have discussed Dvorak many times over the years, I don't believe we have dug into this convincing-sounding refutation of the Dvorak mythology. The article is in the context of arguing against the conventional wisdom of "first mover advantage" — that the first product to market gains a large entrenchment benefit, such as VHS vs. Beta, MS-DOS vs. anything, etc. It's very much a pro-markets piece.

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