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Comment Re:And yet TPP extends copyright to life + 70 (Score 1) 48

This, so much this.

I have a desire and a limit. The desire is to be constantly entertained. The limit is how far my finances stretch. At the moment my finances stretch to a Netflix account, a Spotify account and the occasional Steam game. Piracy supplements variety in that scenario so:

I don't pirate music, spotify has more than enough variety and official youtube videos cover any gaps.
I don't pirate games - steam, despite it's pricing issues, more than provides the games I need and other services cover the gaps.
I do pirate TV. I started watching rick and Morty on Netflix, season 1 and 2. When season 3 comes out I will likely download it because it won't be available on Netflix. I also started watching the flash on Netflix but when the proxy crackdown came down I lost access to it. I have no idea how I can watch it legally so if I ever care enough to watch it again, piracy is my ONLY choice. That or DVDs but I don't have a DVD player any more.

The above is more about my thought process which, as an Australian consumer, is the whole point. I know there is likely a perfectly legal way for me to watch Flash and Rick and Morty in Australia but I don't care enough to find out what that is and to pay extra for it. So if I care enough, I'll pirate (rick and morty) otherwise, I'll forget about the show (flash) and go find something that is available (just started Black mirror, holy crap that show is interesting).

Comment Re:Right. (Score 1) 222

I'm from Australia and here the idea that a state can set laws like drug use or marriage age seems crazy though we do have somewhat of the same style, particularly when it comes to bureaucratic things like street signage.

I've always been confused by the idea that the US is some monolithic entity when it seems to my view to be structured more like the European Union - a group of separate entities with different overarching beliefs (compare California to Texas), different laws (Colorado) and probably many other differences an outsider isn't too aware of.

Comment Re:Completely wrong.... (Score 1) 618

A better argument for why this is a terrible idea is that UC likely (I have no idea) provides IT related degrees. They're almost literally saying those degree are worthless because any IT work should not be given to locally trained people.

I wonder if anyone has pointed this out to their marketing/admissions people?

Comment Re: Seems about right (Score 1) 186

"The catâ(TM)s owners have made millions thanks to their petâ(TM)s unique facial expression, which turned her into an overnight Internet star.

Part of this revenue comes from successful merchandise lines, including the Grumpy Cat âoeGrumppuccinoâ iced coffee beverage, sold by the California company Grenade Beverage.

It's their fucking cat. They've promoted it as a brand, legally licensed it out and then another company abused that license. This is one of those good uses of copyright/trademark that you hear spoken about.

Comment Re: Good (Score 2) 564

The difference is that the individual needs to comply with laws where the corporation controls those laws. If I an an individual go to the national tax collectors, I ask "how much should I pay", the trouble is that Apple mostly appear to have been going "we will pay this much" and being told it was OK.

I'm OK with retroactively changing the laws to adversely affect those that had a major influence in bringing them about in the first place. If it makes Apple start paying tax to the communities it is making money off Then it is a good thing. I'm from Australia, Apple apparently pays 0 tax here, if they are making no profit here then why do they even bother?

Comment Re:Whiny Fanboy... but he has a point (Score 1) 260

And the guy is suing because he expected to see a film with a bunch of great joker scenes - an expectation that the trailer supported. That is where the false advertising claim stems from.

What I assumed from seeing the trailer is that the joker is the main antagonist of the film since he is the non-squad character prominently featured. Apparently this is not the case so anyone expecting to see a film about a bunch of bad guys battling the joker is going to be disappointed.

Comment Re:Never assume malice when stupidity will suffice (Score 1) 129

Because the form can be matched to the ID number on it and that ID is directly linked to the address the form was mailed to.

Therefore the address can be cross-checked to find deliberately false entries.

Since the penalty for false entries is higher than non submission it would make sense to use limited enforcement resources to target those that were deliberately false. All that said, given the whole debacle I expect there will be no fines or prosecutions out of this whole mess - it smacked of scare tactics in the first place anyway.

Comment Re:BS "most popualar" (Score 1) 367

But that is the point, where the line is drawn is completely arbitrary, they select all phones made by apple because they all happen to have the same name but they limit the cars made by Volkswagen to the beetle.

If you look at "all phones sold", Samsung killed a billion just in the last 5 years. This article is purely statistics massaging wankery. The only achievement Apple have made here is managing to not change the name of their device in nearly 10 years.

Comment Re:You might not like it but.. (Score 1) 104

I'm in basically the same boat as you on needed smartwatch functionality. Have a look at the Garmin Vivoactive. It's got the Phone/SMS notifications and Calendar but it uses some kind of E-ink screen so the battery life (with GPS off) is miles ahead of the iWatch. I've gone over a week without charging mine.

I think the general gist of the article hits the nail on the head - For the price of the iWatch, the added value is just not there. Sure there are a tonne of randomly fancy apps but why not just take your phone out of your pocket? The real power of a smartwatch is quickly seeing notifications and telling the time and the iWatch seems to be sub-optimal at those while cheaper options are doing just fine. Also: Battery life and water proofing are two super important features of watches that Apple seem to have forgotten.

Comment Re:Water is WET! (Score 3, Insightful) 231

You seem to be being intentionally dense here.

It's too hard to install an electrical plug?!
Yes, in fact it is actually ILLEGAL for me to install an electrical plug in any place that would be accessible to an electric car. I live in an apartment block so the ownership of the parking spots are shared. In addition these vehicles often require specialist charging equipment .
It's too hard to find a place to park?!
It's too hard to find a place to park with normal cars and I can park them on people's front lawns if I'm feeling like a dick, given a vehicle that requires a specialised charging bay to park in, parking becomes damn near impossible as adoption approaches 100%
(There are now more public Tesla charging stations in NYC than gas stations)
And if the utilisation on those stations is 10X higher than the utilisation of gas pumps, then you will need not more, but 10X the number of. I suspect the figure will be much higher than 10X though I have no data to back that up.
Every car has limitations. Most people can't afford to buy the biggest car that they might ever want to use for a once a year trip. Most people buy something that's economical and practical for their daily use and look at other options for their family vacation or visit to grandma. My daughter lives in the city and doesn't even own a car but finds it easy to rent one for the weekend when she visits... that's her definition of "freedom".
I deliberately don't own a car either but if I was to buy one, for any purpose, I'd be looking at spending around $5000-$10000 for one. That is around the same price as a replacement BATTERY for a tesla vehicle. Cost is a seriously prohibitive factor for non-fossil vehicles right now.

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