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Comment Re:You might not like it but.. (Score 1) 104

I'm in basically the same boat as you on needed smartwatch functionality. Have a look at the Garmin Vivoactive. It's got the Phone/SMS notifications and Calendar but it uses some kind of E-ink screen so the battery life (with GPS off) is miles ahead of the iWatch. I've gone over a week without charging mine.

I think the general gist of the article hits the nail on the head - For the price of the iWatch, the added value is just not there. Sure there are a tonne of randomly fancy apps but why not just take your phone out of your pocket? The real power of a smartwatch is quickly seeing notifications and telling the time and the iWatch seems to be sub-optimal at those while cheaper options are doing just fine. Also: Battery life and water proofing are two super important features of watches that Apple seem to have forgotten.

Comment Re:Water is WET! (Score 3, Insightful) 231

You seem to be being intentionally dense here.

It's too hard to install an electrical plug?!
Yes, in fact it is actually ILLEGAL for me to install an electrical plug in any place that would be accessible to an electric car. I live in an apartment block so the ownership of the parking spots are shared. In addition these vehicles often require specialist charging equipment .
It's too hard to find a place to park?!
It's too hard to find a place to park with normal cars and I can park them on people's front lawns if I'm feeling like a dick, given a vehicle that requires a specialised charging bay to park in, parking becomes damn near impossible as adoption approaches 100%
(There are now more public Tesla charging stations in NYC than gas stations)
And if the utilisation on those stations is 10X higher than the utilisation of gas pumps, then you will need not more, but 10X the number of. I suspect the figure will be much higher than 10X though I have no data to back that up.
Every car has limitations. Most people can't afford to buy the biggest car that they might ever want to use for a once a year trip. Most people buy something that's economical and practical for their daily use and look at other options for their family vacation or visit to grandma. My daughter lives in the city and doesn't even own a car but finds it easy to rent one for the weekend when she visits... that's her definition of "freedom".
I deliberately don't own a car either but if I was to buy one, for any purpose, I'd be looking at spending around $5000-$10000 for one. That is around the same price as a replacement BATTERY for a tesla vehicle. Cost is a seriously prohibitive factor for non-fossil vehicles right now.

Comment Re:Eh, its not that much (Score 1) 278

It's a critical mass thing.

Developers need X amount of users to bother making a rift game.
Users need X amount of games and Y price to bother buying a rift.

So the lower the price, the more users and so the more games. I was pretty happy to pay $300 for something that may not have any supported software. At $600, I'll wait until I see some killer games come out and since I'm not actively out there buying rift games there is less of a reason for developers to make those games at all.

Comment Re:Lawyers failed at presentation (Score 1) 213

Strangely he doesn't appear to know the value of a trillion grains of sand. Really, go dump 11000 (metric) tonnes of sand on miami beach and see if no one notices the change.
It's really weird, the US court system. You can be hit for 1000s of instances of copyright violation for a single bit torrent file but trillions of individual transactions don't count as "large"

Comment Re:I knew I shoulda learned to speak Mandarin... (Score 1) 371

I once heard about a study (woo third hand knowledge) that said in Schooling, boys tend to do better in co-ed environments and girls do better in all girl environments.
I don't know if this productivity gain extends to grown men, but there are biological reasons why men would tend to perform better in the presence of women.

The morality of this is debateable but I expect the results on productivity would be positive. As was mentioned in the summary though, it could alienate the women in the team even more than usual.

Comment Re:before its time (Score 1) 40

Pontifex man, pontifex was my main time killer for a long stretch way back when, I bought poly bridge out of pontifex nostalgia :
https://www.chroniclogic.com/p... - seems like they are still atround too and have released a bunch of follow up games. Hmmm, may need to buy some of these.

Pontifex has more content than poly bridge and is only 1Mb!

Comment Re:Good questions (Score 1) 204

I live in a high density development, don't own a car and tend to stay at home for vacation (though I'm not opposed to flying overseas/going out of state whenever I can afford to.)

A very real problem is perfectionism, the attitude of "if we can't make it right, we shouldn't try to make it better" is one of the most limiting ways of thinking that people can indulge in. This is what the article is saying, that we shouldn't be so fixated on a perfect solution that we miss a short term "good enough" answer.

Comment Re:Science by democracy doesn't work? (Score 1) 497

Actually the data being use to claim there is a pause is the Satellite data set (RSS) which I believe has full Global coverage. The data being used to claim "hottest year ever" is (this year) the GISS Which is the interpolated data the GP mentions.

Most people trust that the climate scientists are using reasonable methods to determine the interpolation of station data but when the two data sets vary, it raises questions about which is correct.

Comment Re:But, as the feminists say.. (Score 1) 333

Picture twins, brother and sister. Sister gets to play with the lights at the whitehouse but brother does not.

Now picture a group of friends with half girls and half boys. Same problem: You're saying to the boys that it is OK to exclude someone because of their gender, kind of not the message that you want to send when trying to improve gender equality.

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