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Comment My mom died of a "superbug" (Score 2) 75

She went in with heart issues but it was the "superbug" that killed her.
I was so pissed that it was not mentioned on the death certificate, just the heart issues.
It is debatable if the heart issues would not have killed her anyway, but it was the infection that killed her.

Comment Frankly the software stinks (Score 4, Interesting) 228

I am involved as a consultant to several practices and frankly the software stinks.
Buggy, incomplete, error prone, and over priced.
If I had a nickel for every time I have been told it will be fixed in the next release I would be a millionaire.
I feel sorry for the medical professionals who have to deal with the garbage software on a day to day basis and the consumers who get sub-par service both medical and billing because of it.

One example is:
If one thing is billed another is automatically added to the bill because they were often used together.
The problem: They are no longer recommended to be used together as a better and cheaper test has replaced one of them.
A year and a half later the problem is still in the software and if someone forgets to manually remove it the insurance rejects payment and the patient gets a bogus bill for several hundred dollars.

Comment Re:Downsides to running ARM servers? (Score 1) 60

It really depends on the load.
I don't see them taking over totally anytime soon but for some tasks they will be good enough.

sql back end of any kind forget about it, not even worth discussing anytime some.
They could need hardware accelerators to even be really useful on anything but the lightest loads.

Even middle-ware processing, not soon.
This is an area where accelerators could shine.

Front end web servers, This is the place they will show up and shine.
A lot of power is wasted waiting to serve a heavy load that only comes a few hours a day.
The small standby power of ARM is a good start. Get the i/o up and add some accelerators.
Hook them up to a fast fabric and go.

File servers are a real possibility many NAS already are running them, but they don't scale yet.
They do have the potential to do so however if the r&d is spent on them.
Many raid controllers are nothing but lower end arm cores running firmware, put 5 or 6 of these on a single chip with some fast 64 bit cores to run the OS and a 10GB network controller on a fast fabric and you would have the basis of a killer server.
Routers, many already are ARM and they will scale farther up the food chain in the future.

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