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Comment Re:No decent new Android tablet in the last year (Score 2) 127

The Pixel C costs more than my gaming PC. For that price I might as well buy a Surface. Not only that, the Pixel C is built with a (at this point) 2 year old processor. It's not 16:9 or 16:10. I really, really need a new Android tablet but it will not be the Pixel C.

Comment Re: complaints relatively incorrect? (Score 2) 231

What I'm hearing is "I want to use the keyboard a very specific way that the Surface Keyboard doesn't do" and "I have a problem with Java 6". It's like complaining that the 2 door car you bought doesn't have 4 doors. Why not buy the 4 door car then? I'm saying that I'm very happy with my Surface Pro. The only thing which could make me happier is a better GPU.

Comment Re:Convergence devices suck anyway..... (Score 3, Interesting) 231

Disclaimer: I don't like Microsoft, but I like the Surface Pro. All of your complaints are relatively incorrect. I've never had a problem typing on the keyboard cover. You can scale the font-size or set the display to a different resolution. >= Four hours of battery life running a full-fledged OS is, for me, much better than a battery which can last all day but can't do half the stuff I need it to. Who is using it that far away from some kind of charging device for more than 4 hours? I can run multiple VMs at a time or run full windows-based games on it, such as The Division. I've never had any issues with waking from sleep and the reboot isn't long, it's a minor quantity of seconds. Personally I have no issue with tethering to my phone for data. Finally, the Surface (not pro) has an option for built in LTE and gets better battery life, but is admittedly much slower.

Comment Re:Slashvert... (Score 2) 51

Ooookay... that still tells me nothing. "In the cloud" could mean replicated on one server, it could mean several servers, it could mean several different recovery zones. It could mean raid none, it could mean raid several, it could mean extra raid. It could mean offsite backups. It could mean fire sprinkled or not, underground and subject to flooding, high airflow vs no airflow...

Bloomberg Predicts EVs Cheaper than IC Engine Cars Within 10 Years (computerworld.com) 266

Lucas123 writes: With the price of lithium-ion batteries continuing to plummet, already dropping 65% since 2010, electric vehicles will become cheaper to own by the mid-2020s, according to a new report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The report also forecasts that sales of EVs will hit 41 million by 2040, up from 462,000 in 2015. By 2040, EVs will make up 35% of new light-duty vehicle sales, even if the price of crude oil goes back up from $33 today to $70 in the future. The adoption of EVs will displace about 13 million barrels of oil per day by 2040, when the clean-energy cars represent about one-quarter of cars on the road.

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