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Comment New Business Model : (Score 1) 83

Sell people what they want to buy. It's funny how it works out. When GT4 came out a few weeks ago I stopped by my local Gamespot, only to be told, that they had "none at all", with a smirk, even though I could see dozens in a box behind the counter. Well, OK, I said. Went to EB Games, asked if they had any, the salesperson asked if I preordered - "Nope." - funny, he still gave me a game. So he obviously wasn't worried about some irate customer coming in and not getting the game they preordered - this must be some sort of new, crazy marketing scheme - letting people give you money for a product instead of telling them no. I remember reading somewhere that the whole preorder thing is a total scam run by the stores to get a hold of money to drop into MMA's and the like. Anyone have any facts on that?

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