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Comment not 3d, eyes won't focus (Score 1) 191

and why would it only turn on if you look directly? contrary to the resolution, the peripheral awareness is quite high and useful. it's clearly a not very well thought through mockup. the silly flow me car, potentially obscuring a child or at least a bit of view with its opaque label is another proof of that.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 161

reading the article it make sense. If your generic mp3 player doesn't eat that drm-infested sync shit, it's arguably better not to support any 3rd party device, so people won't get mad at how it works buggy, but just buy apple, because it just works. Also if the player does not work at all, you'll probably rather blame the player, than itunes. If it works, but shitty, you'll get mad at itunes.

Comment Re:Great until ... (Score 1) 47

the original spritz is a little smarter than most clones, sadly. But it didn't feel like they piped in the 10k most often used words or something yet. (they will make up like 97% of any text, so if you have 3% at a slower speed you loose little)

It's True: Some People Just Don't Like Music 268

sciencehabit writes "Researchers have found that between 1 and 3% of people don't like music of any kind. These people aren't tone deaf or incapable of grasping the emotional meaning of a song—their brains simply didn’t find listening to music rewarding. While some psychiatric disorders are associated with the loss of the ability to feel pleasure, called anhedonia, the music-haters represent the first evidence for not feeling pleasure from only one specific pleasing stimulant, a condition that has been dubbed music-specific anhedonia. Curious where you fall on the music reward spectrum? The researchers have an online quiz." I know I actively prefer silence to most music, but what I like, I like intensely. Update: 03/06 21:48 GMT by T : Sorry for the garbled submission; now fixed.

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