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Comment Re: to train 100 teachers (Score 2) 165

It should go reasonably far. Each of the 21,000 primary schools (of which I know more about than secondary) are within an administrative area. Generally, the people who head ICT training in these administrative areas are not developers. Furthermore, in the UK primary sector, there exist quite advanced mechanisms for transferring "best practice" from one school to the next. The UK gov't spends real money on this and gets real results in turn. If you train 100 teachers in the current pedagogical best practice for teaching software development, this will (at some level) feed into more than just their school. Ideally, you will see the head ICT trainers in an area being drawn from this initial pool of 100. Or, at the very least, advised by them.

I think this approach, even given the small numbers invovled, is better than previous approaches from the private sector. Previous approaches have involved throwing software and/or hardware over a wall and expecting teachers to know how to integrate it into the curriculum. I'm cautiously optomistic.


Submission + - Mozilla Fennec Alpha arrives for Windows Mobile (

ruphus13 writes: Fennec, Mozilla's Mobile browser, announced the availability of their alpha version for Windows Mobile. According to the article, "For quite a while now, Fennec has been in beta testing on Maemo-enabled Nokia Internet Tablets, but now there is an alpha version available for testing on Windows Mobile 6. It should put the pre-release browser in front of many more people, even though it is intended for developers and testers....Tabs are lined up in a column on the left, while bookmarks and page-turning tools are off-screen to the right. The idea behind this is is to get away from the tiny browsing metaphors found on most mobile phones. Fennec also auto-adjusts for different screen sizes, and shares Firefox's memory management library."

Comment Good Argument for Net Neutrality (Score 1) 239

The author, essentially, details how if service providers were to choose the technologies we run then we wouldn't have had the uber successful WWW.

To me, this is a strong argument for net neutrality. If the ISPs are allowed to prioritise types of traffic then we may not benefit from the next generation of Internet service. Simply due to the short-sightedness of ISPs. Not through malice, but through market forces. A service would have to become popular for ISPs to encourage or throttle it, however it would be difficult for the service to become popular in the first place.


Submission + - Wii breaks records in the UK (

pluke writes: "According to the Daily Telegraph, the Wii has sold 1,000,000 units during 38 weeks in the UK. This makes it the UK's fastest selling console ever, beating the Playstation 2 (50 weeks) and the XBOX 360 (60 weeks). Some industry analysts are also reporting that the Wii has overtaken the XBOX 360 to now become the worlds market leader across console and handheld fields."

Submission + - Registration for GUADEC 2007 is open

balor writes: Registration for the GNOME Users and Developers Conference (GUADEC) is here. In its 8th consecutive year; GUADEC 2007 is being held at the UCE Birmingham Conservatoire, in Birmingham, England, from Sunday 15th July, until Saturday 21st of July 2007. GUADEC is organised by the GNOME community for anyone who is interested in Free Software development.

From the press release: "We will be celebrating our achievements of the past year, including two great releases, the launch of the GNOME Mobile and Embedded Initiative, and Dell's announcement that they will ship GNOME-based Ubuntu PCs in the near future", said Jeff Waugh, GNOME Foundation director and founder of the GNOME Mobile project. "I look forward to the energy, passion, and friendships that GUADEC strengthens every year. Join us in Birmingham for one of the world's best Free Software events".

Feed AACS hacked to expose Volume ID: WinDVD patch irrelevant (

Filed under: Home Entertainment

var digg_url = ' e_Volume_ID_WinDVD_patch_irrelevant'; The DRM "protecting" HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc films -- AACS -- continues to unravel at the seams. In parallel efforts, hackers in both the Xboxhacker and Doom9 forums have exposed the "Volume ID" for discs played on XBOX 360 HD DVD drives. Any inserted disc will play without first authenticating with AACS, even those with Volume IDs which have already been revoked by the AACS LA due to previous hacking efforts. Add the exposed processing keys and you can decrypt and backup your discs for playback on any device of your choosing. So yeah, it looks like last week's WinDVD update has been quickly and definitively made useless just as we expected it would be. Well, for XBOX 360 HD DVD drive owners anyway but you can see where this is heading, right? Now go ahead AACS LA, revoke the Toshiba-built XBOX 360 HD DVD player... we double-dog dare ya.

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Submission + - Nano-generator to power gadgets

galactic_grub writes: According to New Scientist, the day when you can charge your cell phone or iPod just by going for a stroll around the block could be a step closer, thanks to a nano-generator developed at Georgia Tech. The device consists of thousands of 1-micron-high zinc oxide wires on top of a conductive substrate. When moved, these nanowires generate electricity. The researchers believe they could be used to power implants and, one day, gadgets too.

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