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Submission + - Eben on the Microsoft Patent Threat

ballmerfud writes: I am sure that by now everyone is tired of hearing about the Microsoft patent FUD, but Eben Moglen, professor of law and head honcho at the Software Freedom Law Center, touched on this issue just last week in a speech he gave in San Diego. Eben's statement is so eloquent and succinct that it might be worthwhile for those who haven't found it by other means to hear it. In this clip he explains the in-depth mechanics of the MS patent threat and specifically how it relates to the Novell deal. The intent is essentially to threaten open source developers while simultaneously evading any backlash from enterprise customers (and even make a buck from it). This may be nothing new to many here, but Eben explains it beautifully. 07-eben-moglen-on-microsofts-summer-of-fear/

Submission + - Linux preinstalled Dell available soon

feranick writes: According to DesktopLinux Dell will soon release desktops and laptops with Linux preinstalled. According to the article:

"The new systems, Lord added, will be true pre-installed Linux systems — and not just a PC with a blank hard drive and a bootable CD or DVD. Software support is likely to come from the community, however, rather than from Dell. Lord added, however, that hardware support on the Dell Linux systems is likely to be the same as it offers on its Windows-powered systems."

"While the Austin, Texas-based computer company was unwilling to go on record as to which distributions it will support, comments from Dell officials indicated that it is likely to offer support for multiple distributions."

"Matt Domsch, Dell's Linux software architect, did go into more detail on how Dell will be approaching the problem of Linux device drivers. First, given a choice in the matter, Dell will support free software drivers over proprietary drivers every time. For device types where a choice exists between a component with a non-Free driver and one with Free driver availability, in our Linux offering we'll opt to bundle the component with the Free driver."

Submission + - Texas Hold'em Poker for Linux

Andy Jurko writes: "Texas Hold'em Poker for Linux with computer players has finally been released by Andy Jurko. It features 4 difficulty levels, smart and stable game engine and clean graphics. The game can be downloaded at"

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