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Sitting Too Much Ages You By 8 Years (time.com) 147

Sitting too much during the day has been linked to a host of diseases, from obesity to heart problems and diabetes, as well as early death. It's not hard to understand why: being inactive can contribute to weight gain, which in turn is a risk factor for heart attack, stroke, hypertension and unhealthy blood sugar levels. On top of everything else, sitting has detrimental effects on cells at the biological level, according to a new report published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. From a report on Time: In the new study, scientists led by Aladdin Shadyab, a post-doctoral fellow in family medicine and public health at the University of California San Diego, traced sitting's impact on the chromosomes. They took blood samples from nearly 1,500 older women enrolled in the Women's Health Initiative, a long-term study of chronic diseases in post-menopausal women, and focused on the telomeres: the tips of the tightly packed DNA in every cell. Previous studies have found that as cells divide and age, they lose bits of the telomeres, so the length of this region can be a marker for how old a cell (and indirectly the person the cells belong to) is. The researchers compared telomere length to how much the women exercised, to see if physical activity affected aging.

Comment Skype of Theseus (Score 1) 224

Skype was cool 8-10 years back. It was solid, it was fast and it was the best option out there. People loved it. The Skype you have today is an entirely different beast from what you used to use 8 years back. Back then it was written using Qt, and in C++. Small wonder then that it was fast, had a low footprint, and was reliable. Once Microsoft took over, and probably ported it to .NET or whatever other shitty infrastructure they dreamed up, and it started to suck. As a general point, I seem to feel that anything written in .NET seems to run like its a slow lumbering beast.

Comment Whats the point? (Score 3, Insightful) 347

Even if I do sign an EULA saying that I allow [Microsoft/Yahoo/Apple/Google] to provide my correspondence to the FBI, what prevents the bad guy from encrypting his message using a 4096 bit PGP encrypted string and THEN using steganography to hide it in image data and sending that image out to his compatriots? Are you also going to make it illegal for the user to just use a complicated math calculation? Even if you do, how are you going to detect a violation of that? This entire witch hunt on encryption by the enforcement agencies boggles my mind.

Comment Re:Is it practical to keep developing in C? (Score 1) 437

You'll never have to wait 15 minutes for a large code base to compile because you touched a header file.

Then that large code base was written by incompetent people. Using forward declarations wherever possible greatly cuts down compilation time due to touching a header. Or using good design practices such as programming to an interface (where the implementation header won't be included directly in client code and the implementation header is where most of the changes will be happening most of the time).

Comment Re:can we stop paying them aid now? (Score 1) 93

If India can afford a space program and nuclear weapons, they can afford to provide clean water and shelter for their population.

If only that were true... It would cost much more to provide food, clothing and shelter to 600 million people than it would take to send a rocket to the moon. Either way, the American aid package India can definitely do without.

Comment Re:can we stop paying them aid now? (Score 1) 93

Actually, I wonder if it would make an impact to the Indian economy if the U.S aid money stops. U.S aid to India totals to 91 million dollars a year. This token amount is primarily for the strategic benefits of the US maintaining a relationship with India (vis-a-vis China and the anti-terror assistance w.r.t Pakistan). Compare that with aid to Isreal, a nation of 8 million people that receives a funding of 30 billion dollars in annual funding. Or the 1.5 billion dollars U.S gives to Pakistan, a state where most people want to burn the U.S to the ground. The aid to India is a drop in the bucket really.

Comment Re:Thought I'd get here... (Score 1) 26

The way I look at it is like this: Let's say there is this fat guy. So you tell him he needs to lose weight. He agrees that he needs to do weight. But like most fat people he finds it difficult to stick to a diet/exercise regimen. A couple of months later, you hear that this guy has picked up a guitar and is trying to learn to play it. Sure, he is still fat, but from the looks of it, he seems to be a quick learn when it comes to playing the guitar. Do you now appreciate how well he is playing, or would you rather chastise him for not having done enough to lose weight first?

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