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Comment Re: Just like poker (Score 1) 649

OK, starting to get an idea of your mindset.
So how do you justify removing restrictions on fucking the environment? Do you think that large corporations will simply "be nice" to the environment and have a track record of "being nice"?
What about the encouragement of burning coal for power over renewables? Do you think breathing what's released in to the environment from burning fossil fuels is fine and scientists correlating deaths due to it are nonsense or something?

Comment Re: Just like poker (Score 1) 649

Wait so Americans are so messed up, they would actually WANT:
EPA loses all climate research funding, and about half the research funding targeted at human health impacts of pollution. The Energy Star program is eliminated; Superfund funding is drastically reduced. The Chesapeake Bay and Great Lakes cleanup programs are also eliminated, as is all screening of pesticides for endocrine disruption. In the Department of Commerce, Sea Grant is eliminated, along with all coastal zone research funding. Big boost to warfare.

Seriously? It's blindly obvious how this is gonna fuck things up, how can you still accept it?

Comment Re:They can't be sure..or can they? (Score 1) 74

"You obviously have never seen dolphins carried in slings, lifted with cranes, etc. "
You're right! Could you please show me pictures of a 3 ton whale being lifted by a crane, on sand, in a place like farewell spit in NZ (wee hint, farewell spit is in the middle of nowhere and you'd have to get this crane a few Kms along the spit)? https://goo.gl/yt8kpV

"They may not love it. But it can be done."
so can keeping them wet until the tide comes back in. What the fuck do you think is easier?

"Some day, your parents are going to have to roll you up the basement stairs and out the front door to get a job. You probably won't like it much when it happens either."
In the face of such stupidity, I'll leave you to consider reality, rather than this fantasy of cranes on a spit lifting whales stuck down in wet sand.

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