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Comment Re:What about stop making stuff super thin? (Score 1) 289

Pff, whatever, if it was half a millimeter thicker, it would've ruined the entire aesthetics of the device and everyone would've just called it fatty-fat-fone. I'd rather have it exploding and burning me than walk around with fatty-fat-fone.
Americans and have no idea what a millimeter is and will believe this. Muah ha ha ha!

Comment Re:Sigh. (Score 1) 196

Interesting thoughts, but flawed.

I like the idea of a company I've brought something from making record profits if what I buy from them is worth the money I've paid, then it's not over the odds.

For example, recently I got work to buy an iPhone 7 (to replace my Samsung S5. Prior to that I had a Nexus 4).
Wow, what a friggen awesome phone compared to my S5, they way iOS works is head and shoulders above Android (in my mind). Was so impressed with the device, I spent my own money to buy another iPhone 7 for the wife, who's smitten with it.

Can't say I've felt that way with an Android device at the same price point. Therefore the price that Apple has their devices at is OK. Yes, of course we'd all like things to be cheaper, but hey, I can afford it so fuck it, why not.

Can't afford one at the price Apple charges or don't like using iOS, then don't buy one, pretty simple.

Comment Re:Am I missing something? (Score 1) 143

iMessage is like a suped-up version of SMS. Like Whatsapp and then some.
Allows free messaging (text, pictures, video, gifs, your own drawings, etc) to other iMessage users. Shows when messages have been delivered, if people are replying, etc.
Now also allows 3rd party apps. Potential here. This will give you an idea, skip past the "sticker pack" crap:
Thing is, it's done rather well. Things are seamless, e.g. will even send standard SMS messages if data isn't available or recipient doesn't use iMessage. There's minimal clutter, but a lot of power if you want to go past basic texting.
So no, you wouldn't care about iMessage if you've never used it, but going from iMessage to basic SMS is noticeable, but hardly the end of the world.

Comment Re:Live by the media hype die by the media hype. (Score 1) 270

"Unfortunately "lives saved" is not a measurable statistic"
Um, yes it is! You can measure the number of deaths per distance traveled. If the number of deaths is less than average over the same distance when travelling on autopilot, the you can say that more lives have been saved.

Comment Re:If you want fast speed, you don't want unlimite (Score 1) 222

Yeah, that is quick, Interesting. I've often found responsiveness slower in US, e.g. bringing up a google map.
Just went to on my phone, pulled 86Mbps at my desk (saw it spike to 94).
I don't have any propane tanks to climb on I'm afraid.
Wonder if it's a case of responsiveness rather than throughput? 45Mbs is perfectly fine. Probably depends on how densely populated the area you're in is as well. I'm in Auckland, but not the CBD.
I'll be back in the states in a couple of weeks (Virginia then Oklahoma), I'll have to compare speeds when I'm back on my new phone if I remember...

Comment If you want fast speed, you don't want unlimited (Score 0) 222

I'm in NZ and we have lightning fast 4G speeds. Some of the fastest in the world.
This is because we don't have unlimited phone data caps. It only takes a few people to take advantage of unlimited to ruin it for everyone. It's easy to get a plan that provides you with enough data.
Personally, when I'm out and about, I want my data arriving to my phone (or laptop tethered to it) as fast as possible, I don't need massive amounts over my phone.

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