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Comment Re:Internet connection shouldn't be required (Score 1) 233

I have the Windows steam - Mac ought to be similar. There's an option (per game) that you can find by right-clicking on a game's name, and selecting Properties - then go to the Updates tab and make sure it says 'Do not automatically update this game' instead of 'Always keep this game up to date' - do this for every game you have installed, then when you start steam next time it should allow offline mode to work, without that 'needs to be online to update' message appearing. I don't know if this works for every Steam game, but it seems to works for every Steam game i have (eg: portal, halflife 2, popcap ones). If you want to update a game sometime, turn the option back on for that game (and maybe restart steam at this point?) - then turn it back off and restart steam again after any updates have completed. A little annoying, but this has worked for me without any problem.

Comment Re:something like this? (Score 1) 361

Aussie Customs officer: Do you have any illegal porn? British tourist: I did not know you still need do illegal things to get in here!

I heard of a newly arrived British tourist replying similarly when asked whether he had a criminal record. Apparently he was replying to a customs officer who was having a bad day, as he soon found himself on his way back to the UK. In other words, DON'T SAY THIS! It may not be as funny as you think.

Comment Re:Inverse (Score 1) 366

The inverse is true for me. If I really like the content (a movie or song I love), I just can't stand to watch or listen to it at low quality. Just the other day I was listening to Bowie's "Life on Mars?", my favorite Bowie song, but it was an MP3 sampled at 96 kbps and the compression was so obnoxious I had to stop listening. On the other hand if I'm watching some idiotic YouTube video for a quick laugh, I could care less how nice it looks.

Maybe that's because you are used to listening to a non-compressed version of that song, and are comparing this crap version to the proper good version you know? Whereas with the youtube video, that's all there is - there is no better version, so there's no problem. At least that's how it is for me - I listen to a lot of 'bootleg' recordings, some of which are pretty raw (and some of which sound awesome, by the way), but if this is the only version of a particular song by that band or whatever, then you are listening to the best version of that song, although your ears may take a short while to accustom to the poor sound quality. I'm with you - if I hear a poorly compressed MP3 of a song I like, I can't stand it (unless that's all there is).

Comment Re:As a Canadian (Score 1) 318

Aw come on, let's be brutally honest here - GG of any commonwealth country is a ceremonial position. Your job, such as it is, is to go around and do photo ops and shit like that. You're the Queen's representative, and she has no power or responsibilities, so Shatner will have even less. This is actually a pretty good choice. As a Canadian, I'm more than happy for Kirk to be the guy schmoozing on behalf of my country.

Not quite true - do a search for what the GG did in Australia in 1975.

Comment Re:Ready Pitchforks! (Score 1) 909

Actually... it's more like saying that the person who built your house (that YOU own) says that he doesn't want OJ Simpson in the house that YOU own. And actively stops you from having him as a guest. Your analogy is ludicrous. How would you explain away not having Flash functionality?

Help me out with this OJ Simpson analogy - is he driving a car?

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