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Comment close but it's all I got (Score 3, Interesting) 546

There was a video on youtube from a news channel that showed what happend when a green laser hit the cockput of a plane/helio but I can't seem to find it. This is about all I can find. Anyways its not so much the fact that it goes into the pilots eye, it's just that illuminates the cockpit like a disco which then doesn't allow the person to see out side the window.

Comment Re:more demos (Score 1) 188

For me yes, for others it's a toss up. When I was a kid I would always rent a game before I owned it. A good example is the free weekends on steam. They are awesome and with the free weekend trial of whatever game they throw up sometimes it has gotten a lot of my friends to buy the games they wouldn't have necessarily looked at. Like you said if someone who is excited for the game thinks the demo sucks they might pass it up, but then they should check out reviews, forums and see whatever else on the game. Sometimes the demos just suck compared to the full game too.

Comment more demos (Score 5, Insightful) 188

Need more demos for games. Sometimes a game looks like shit but may play really well or vice versa. I'm more willing to download a demo or a game with limited features then I am just to plunk down some cash after only seeing only a handful of screen shots and no video.

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