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Comment Re:Cautiously Optimistic (Score 1) 132

The major obstacle to wave, google docs, etc for usurping MS is who controls the data... at least from a large corporate company's perspective. If I'm a Fortune 500 company I don't want to be at the mercy of Google's servers and my ISP, let alone trust them with me data and IP... even if it can save me money by firing my IT staff, I gladly pay a fortune keeping them around to insure my IP stays mine, on my servers, under my control. If google can port docs and wave and other tools to apps/servers that can stay behind my corporate firewall on my *protected* intranet, then maybe it could replace MS... but still a long shot.

Submission + - Amazon Invests in Dynamic Pricing Model for MP3s (

NittanyTuring writes: Amazon recently closed a Series A financing deal with, a startup selling DRM-free MP3s with a demand-based pricing model. All music starts out free, and prices increase for popular tracks. Jeff Blackburn, Senior Vice President for Business Development, 'The idea of having customers directly influence the price of songs is an interesting and novel approach to selling digital music.' What does this mean for Amazon's own intentions to sell music?

Submission + - Black hole seen swallowing star (and belching)

mcgrew (sm62704) writes: "New Sceintest reports that the Swift satellite has detected GRB 070610. From the article:

A black hole has been spotted belching out a burst of gamma rays after gulping down part of a nearby star, something never seen before. Such violent burps may actually be the most common type of explosive "gamma-ray burst" in the universe.

Astronomers led by Mansi Kasliwal of Caltech in Pasadena, US, traced the burst to a star system in our own galaxy, where a black hole and a star slightly less massive than the Sun are orbiting each other.

Observing this black hole outburst from nearby would be a risky prospect. "If you were as close to the black hole as the [companion] star, things wouldn't be pretty," Kasliwal told New Scientist. "I don't think you'd want to be near it."
Raise shields, Mr. Sulu!"

Submission + - Wii firmware 3.0 released adds usb keyboard suppor 1

An anonymous reader writes: According to IGN, "3.0 and is available in Europe, Japan and the States right now. While most of the updates are fairly minor, they all help to make the overall Wii experience a little bit smoother and more user-friendly.Changes include a digital clock on the Wii menu, the Forecast Channel displays the current weather in its little window, message board has a special "Today's Accomplishments" message to show what you've played and address book entries can be moved around with the Wii-mote.Meanwhile, the Wii Shop has had a sleek makeover, which changes the way Virtual Console games are ordered. A new welcome screen now shows four recommended titles and then once inside the Shop there's a list of popular titles, the ability to search for a game, a genre category and a category that organizes entries by the original publisher.However, if you've illegally modded your Wii to play import games or copied titles then be warned. Before you update your firmware a message from Nintendo reads: "If your Wii console has an unautorized technical modification, this upgrade could cause inoperability of your console." Looks like Nintendo is clamping down on modders. More here: Nintendo has also quietly added usb keyboard support more here :

Submission + - Shuttle Endeavour to be launched today

Klaidas writes: "NASA reports that on the morning before the scheduled liftoff of Space Shuttle Endeavour on the STS-118 mission, launch officials confirmed once again that the countdown is continuing as planned and no issues have surfaced.
On Monday night, workers finished loading the reactants for the orbiter's three power-producing fuel cells. Checks of the space shuttle main engine's avionics and pneumatic systems are planned today, along with inspections of the external tank, activation of ground support equipment, and crew equipment stowage in the crew module. Launch remains on target for Aug. 8 at 6:36 p.m. EDT"

Submission + - DefCon nabs undercover TV reporter (

sumj writes: "Defcon nabs undercover TV reporter It's a story of betrayal worthy of an episode of Dateline NBC. Dateline NBC Producer Michelle Madigan was publicly outed at the DefCon security conference in Las Vegas Friday after show organizers were tipped off that she was trying to film show attendees with a hidden camera."

Submission + - Email Database Stolen? (

borderstheft writes: "Two nights ago, the plus-based address I gave to started receiving spam and virus-containing emails. No other plus-based address at the domain has been receiving spam of any kind. I attempted to contact but they won't acknowledge there is a problem. If there email database has been stolen, what else could be at risk? Can anyone else serve as verification of the problem?"

Submission + - Cooling Your House With Solar Heat

An anonymous reader writes: The German Fraunhofer research institute has created the spin-off company SorTech, which plans to produce air conditioning systems that are run by solar heat. This mind-boggling feat is achieved by a thermo-chemical process called sorption. The technology could help to satisfy the increasing energy consumption used for air conditioning. It seems to be a perfect application for using solar energy: Good efficiency is possible by avoiding a conversion from heat into electricity and back to cooling energy. It also does not need a long term energy storage system, because the energy needed for cooling spikes exactly at the time, when most solar energy is available.

Submission + - The Completely Fair Scheduler's Impact on Games (

eldavojohn writes: "We've heard a bit about the completely fair scheduler in prior Linux stories but now the Kernel Trap looks at the implications this new scheduler has for 3D games in Linux although the famed Ingo Molnar has stated that his evaluation for 3D games is "good enough." Linus Torvalds noted, "I don't think _any_ scheduler is perfect, and almost all of the time, the RightAnswer(tm) ends up being not 'one or the other', but 'somewhere in between'. But at the same time, no technical decision is ever written in stone. It's all a balancing act. I've replaced the scheduler before, I'm 100% sure we'll replace it again. Schedulers are actually not at all that important in the end: they are a very very small detail in the kernel." The posts that follow the brief article, reveal that Linus seems quite confident that he made the right choice in his decision to merge CFS with the Linux kernel. One thing's for certain, gaming on Linux can't suffer any more setbacks or it may be many years before we see FOSS games rival the commercial world."

Submission + - Open source laser pointer whole building graffiti

GAATTC writes: A 60mW laser pointer, camera, laptop, and a 5000 lumen projector are tied together with some open source code to produce the best whole building interactive graffiti ever. A bicycle mounted system consiting of a camera connected to a laptop tracks a laser pointer signal on the side of buildings. A connected projector projects what is drawn in real time with a variety of effects, like the tools available in Photoshop. What a great way to get your political message across without running the risk of getting arrested for property damage.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Vision system can spot fake passengers in a car

An anonymous reader writes: UK researchers have found a way to automatically count the number of people travelling in a vehicle. It could make it easier to enforce road tolls and high-occupancy vehicle lanes, they say. The technique uses a combination of infrared and visible photography to spot drivers and passengers through the windscreen. The infrared sensor can also tell the difference between a mannequin and real person.

Submission + - Scientists unmask hidden galactic cores (

Tech.Luver writes: "theRegister reports, " Astronomers using NASA's Swift satellite and the Japanese/US Suzaku X-ray observatory have discovered a totally new kind of active galactic nuclei (AGN). The new class is relatively common, the researchers say, but because the galactic cores are almost entirely shrouded in gas and dust, they are hard to spot. ""

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