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Comment Re:SKY TV set top box (Score 1) 480

meh. Back in the 80s when I had a VCR, unless there was a timed program I wanted to watch, I didn't consider the time worth my while. To dig out the manual, or to try and figure out the programming of the device. Total waste of time when I was learning a new assembler language, as opposed to IBM's assembler. Obligatory: Get off my lawn!

Comment Re:Constitutionality (Score 0, Troll) 630

Once upon a time, I saw an old drunk piss on a bus's tire at a transfer point/bus stop where I lived, while middle and high school kids were around. Grossed everyone out and he was arrested. Sex offendor? not imho but needed a long time away from kids until he learned appropriate behaviour in public. Lifelong sentence? Perhaps, if it happened multiple times.
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How To Supplement Election Coverage? 241

An anonymous reader asks "What information sources and social networking sites will you be using to supplement the election coverage on TV next Tuesday? I am ready with a big HDTV with Comcast, a Mac mini, and and an Xbox 360. I also have two laptops (one good for websites and one for streaming video), an old-school Blackberry, a 'regular' cell phone, a Nokia N810, a Squeezebox, and finally Sirius Satellite Radio. Which websites should I watch for live county results? I already know about the Twitter Vote Report for tracking and reporting voting issues and I already watch 'CNN Reporters' on Friendfeed for the national flair. What other Twitter accounts should I follow? Which urgent ones should I send to my phones? Which YouTube accounts or keywords I should subscribe to in Miro? What are the most popular sites for posting 'on-scene' videos — iReport, Flickr, something else? I know most local Fox affiliates are great about streaming, but is there a page that lists all of the streams, in case I need to quickly focus on one city or area? Basically, how would you configure all those gadgets?" This reader might find some guidance in what to focus on from a video produced by reader (and data modeler) Bruce Nash that lays out a predicted timeline for when the media will call each state, depending on when the polls close and how tight each race is expected to be.
The Internet

Submission + - Law prof calls for more liability re online speech

TwistedOne151 writes: "George Washington University professor Daniel J. Solove argues in his new book for increasing the use of tort law to protect privacy against online speech, particularly calling for removing the immunity granted by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to bloggers and websine owners regarding material posted by others, according to reviews here and here."
The Courts

Submission + - FBI Doesn't Tell Courts About Bogus Evidence

dprovine writes: According to a joint investigation by series of articles in The Washington Post and 60 Minutes, a forensic test used by the FBI for decades is known to be invalid. The National Academy of Science issued a report in 2004 that FBI investigators had given "problematic" testimony to juries. The FBI later stopped using "bullet lead analysis", but sent a letter to law enforcement officials saying that they still fully supported the science behind it. Hundreds of criminal defendants — some already convicted in part on the testimony of FBI experts — were not informed about the problems with the evidence used against them in court. Does anyone at the Justice Department even care about what effect this will have on how the public in general (and juries in particular) regards the trustworthiness of FBI testimony?

Submission + - Book copies Wikipedia; Publisher aggressive on IP. ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Two pages of a book, Black Gold: The New Frontier in Oil for Investors, consist of a direct copy from the English Wikipedia article on the Khobar Towers Bombing. The book is published by John Wiley and Sons, the same publisher who, earlier this year, threatened a blogger with legal action over a clear case of fair use commentary.
The Internet

Submission + - 'When the patient is a Googler'

netbuzz writes: "A New York orthopedist's essay carrying that headline sets out to make the point that patients who rely more on their Web browsers than the expertise of their doctors are likely to be ill served by both. It's a valid enough point, but the doctor in this case so savages the patient he puts forth as Exhibit A — a 40-something Mom with an unruly 3-year-old — that he's likely to send even more skeptics of modern medicine scurrying for the Internet."
Data Storage

Submission + - Is Canada Following the USA or Britain on this?

An anonymous reader writes: It looks like Toronto is trying to become Canada's #1 filming location.

City News reports that, "almost every person using Toronto's transit system will be photographed" because the TTC will be adding a nice little camera in ever bus, subway car, streetcar and sub-way station that they have.

Of course they claim that they will only release the video and audio in the event that an event occurs. Are we going to extend this to hospitals, police stations, government access centers, libraries, public parks and sidewalks as well?

I'm totally against having public service companies do this to us — even for the reasons and under the conditions they are presenting them. I think that once the infrastucture and public acceptance that these devices are there is when the corruption starts. When will some elected body twist around the reasoning or the laws to do more with the devices?

A Slashot Poll would be nice but — What is the general public view on these things?

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