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Comment Re:spend more time reading code than writing (Score 1) 347

Punched cards on an IBM mainframe computer, way back when, usually had sequence numbers in the last 8 columns. So if I dropped my program, I just had to put them back in order by using the numbers.
And vi was way better than edlin as an editor. Using edlin as an editor in DOS sucked. You could write an assembler program in it but the program was limited to 64k iirc, but that was long, long ago.

Comment Re:This is why we can't have nice things. (Score 1) 229

Amazon: your 1.44 GB files don't seem to be photos, and violate TOS. So we deleted them. I'm sorry, they were your only backups? Oh, you are right, a movie is a series of photos. And they were of you and your girlfriend? We'll try and recover them and we will all try to determine if they violate the TOS.

Comment Re:Legal requirement? (Score 1) 339

In the late 90s, the owner of a company worked for, we didn't have the time for and owner didn't have the patience to deal with a customer. So he quoted $2,000 for me to fix a problem. Customer said yes, and a few hours later problem was fixed. If a customer is not happy, imho they can move on. Owner is always right, if customer doesn't lose money and wasn't discriminated against, he should move on.

Comment Re: Wait a minute... (Score 2) 249

Oddly enough, I know 2 out of those companies. I almost went to work for Fluke at one time. Decided the commute (Seattle area) wasn't worth it. Haven't really followed them in years. I did work for Harman for a couple of years, walking distance from my home at the time (Northridge) and the owner at the time Sydney Harman was stupid in many, many ways. As in bragging at an all hands meeting about one of his young kids arranging a limo in the Carribean, and oh yes, btw, I'm laying off 1/3 of the company.

Comment Re:Okaaay. (Score 3, Insightful) 203

Dang! Smartest comment I've read so far. Me? I only have 30-40 years computer experience. Moved around a lot. But I keep running into former co-workers, vendors etc. So the teen age kid from India I met on IRC circa late 1990s is now someone important at MS. Or the guy I met on IRC from Finland, well I got ill when we were thinking of visiting Linus. Doesn't matter. Your rep will follow you. And I stand by my rep, despite moving around all over North America (and friends all over the world). Of course, my ex-wife, the RN and MD, and my current wife don't view me the same way lol.

Submission + - Russian internet trolls? Who'd have guessed?

baegucb writes: I rarely submit a story, but this might have some lively debate "The trolls are employed by Internet Research, which Russian news reports say is financed by a holding company headed by Putin's friend and personal chef. Those who have worked there say they have little doubt that the operation is run from the Kremlin."

According to

Comment Re:oh the fun (Score 1) 288

With a line printer on those old mainframes, just write a program that prints normally, then have it so page skips for hundreds of times so the paper gets all balled up in the printer (depending on model). I did that by accident when trying to program my first game, a star wars type game. And in assembler you can also stop carriage control and print a line of dashes on the same line, and try to break the paper.

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