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Submission + - Enigma-breaker awarded posthumously (

baderman writes: Eighty years ago, a young Polish mathematician Marian Rejewski broke codes of the German Enigma. On the anniversary of this event he will be posthumously awarded the Medal of Knowlton by the U.S. military intelligence. The award was received by the daughter of a prominent cryptographer.

Comment Re:QT Creator (Score 1) 90

I assume then, that you've never heard of KDevelop, right? Of course "de gustibus non est disputandum", but in terms of usability - for classic Linux developement, imho there's no better ide than KDevelop. Now I wait for Emacs and VIm fans! ;)

Comment Re:Is this a Godwin-invoking comment? (Score 5, Insightful) 764

Probably, most of people reading this story isn't aware, how much of whole german ww2 fuel production were not from crude. Here (polish only) one can see volume of sythetic fuel produced by germans. And, personally i'm wondering if this technology will appear as one of most important technologies of times when technology of power productions changes?

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