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Comment Re:What's old is new again. (Score 3, Interesting) 42

When I entered protein crystallography in the late 80's, the standard of the day was the E&S PS330 (vector graphics, how I miss you!) with split-screen stereo. A few people could make their eyes separate well enough to see the 3-D unaided, but most of us strapped on "the box." The box had a pair of adjustable mirrors in front of each eye--you twiddled their angles and your position until you only saw the one 3-D image. The system worked great, until the neck strain kicked in from the extra weight on your face, or until you tried to look away and take notes.

Comment Re:It was a "joke" back then (Score 1) 276

Every time I read "Shockwave Rider" (finally available for Kindle!), I'm more convinced awed by Brunner. Most recently I was struck by the parallels between what happens to San Francisco in his world and how close we came to losing New Orleans. And I find his "plug-in lifestyle" to be even more prophetic than his pervasive computer tech--though like everyone else, he completely missed mobile/wireless.

Comment Re:Yes. (Score 1) 271

In the 4 months since I was issued my T420s, I've re-imaged twice, replaced *every* part, and still get a random shutdown/reboot/bluescreen at least once per week. The W500 it replaced crashed about twice in 3 years.

Comment Re:It is astonishing that they didn't foresee this (Score 3, Informative) 355

Amazon's ebooks only work on amazon hardware.

Not entirely accurate--one of the things I like best about ebooks from Amazon is that I can (and do) read them on the Kindle, my phones, and my computers. The Kindle app is available for just about everything, and syncs between devices so I can pick up on one where I left off on another.

Comment This works both ways (Score 1) 253

I've seen this problem go both ways in trying create commercial scientific software. For every scientist who can't believe that the code needs to be re-written, there is a software engineer who has read a survey paper and thinks they don't need to consult the domain experts. The reality is somewhere between--both groups have spent years learning their own craft and a little time picking up enough of the other's craft to get by. As I've told many scientists, "I wouldn't let them loose in the lab to do research, why would I think I can write commercial software?" (For background, I'm a former computational/structural biologist turned non-coding software professional.)

Comment Re:Laptop pains too (Score 1) 952

It's a feature! I sit with the 1920x1200 laptop up close so I can use the keyboard and have the larger-but-lower-resolution second monitor as far away as it can go. It almost makes up the difference in window size. Why do we claim the OS is "DPI aware" when we are forced to use the same settings for all displays???

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