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Comment Re:about the same as my android (Score 1) 587

And there you have it. You've just extrapolated one experience to a completely unrelated concept of making money.

If you offer something for free and then expect donations then you're getting your revenue stream from one specific type of person. This is something entirely unrelated to the concept of deriving revenue from selling apps. How about you actually put your app on Android up for 99c and see how many people pay for it when there's no alternative? I think you'll find you make just as much money from Android as from the iOS.

You're just making this up as you go along, so why waste all our time?
As someone who works in the android industry, I can tell you that the android app store makes about 10-15% of the income from an app that the iPhone version makes. That's despite there being more Android devices.

Comment Re:about the same as my android (Score 1) 587

Ah, another Apple user being suckered out of extra money instead of using a system where corporations pay developers to make apps to give to customers free of charge to make their devices more useful. You're a chump, a fool who is parted from his money easily. why is that such a hard concept to understand? In other news, most Linux kernel developers are paid for their work.

I don't even know where to begin with this extreme stupidity and ignorance.

Firstly, you say you are against independent developers, and pro large commercial corporations. Large corporations operate not to pay developers or to make you apps, but to make a profit. If you hate the idea of being "fleeced", why are you in support of this?
Independent developers on the Android app store almost always operate at a loss. This means you are getting incredible value for money by either buying their apps or getting them for free. Do you really believe that by spending their own time and taking financial risks that are unlikely to pay off, they are "suckering" you?

Secondly, who are these mystical corporations on Android app market paying all these developers to make free apps? They don't exist! And the market for commercial Android developers is very small indeed.

We are all very lucky that the decades-old model of top-down publishers controlling all software development has been overturned and now independent developers can sell their products without having to find big publishing deals. Typically 90% of the cost price for software under this system was creamed off for the profit of corporations and not to fund development. We now have a much, much wider variety of software at much, much better value. It's a pity you don't understand this and seem to think we should go back to the old days.

FYI, almost all developers make a loss on the Android app store. I'm not an Apple user, but their app store model works and it's because developers more easily get paid for the work they do - everyone is happy. The quality of apps on Android would go up considerably if we could get rid of this crazy mentality people like you have of demanding everyone work for you for free. Now typically big games and apps are led on iPhone, and Android users just have to hope the developer will be willing to take a risk and port to Android.

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