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Comment Re:Your problem = offering zero... apk (Score 1) 146

You need to go to the top of this thread. You thumb-thugged "knew it was Joogle shills the other day" right in this thread thinking I wouldn't see it. I handed you your ass and you were pissed about it.

Since the original DDoS was 600+Gbps why would you even post small scale solutions? Pay attention to the thread and respond appropriately, don't cut-and-paste boilerplate. I sense a future of "needs to improve communication" on employer reviews.

Comment Re:It's got to be better than Maps (Score 1) 52

Were you actually using the navigation feature? It will show congestion in minutes in South Florida. It's amazing how quickly the data is updated from even minor congestion, usually within a few minutes. Perhaps you were expecting it to re-route but the current route was still the fastest.

Comment Re:Again: What did YOU offer? ZERO! (Score 1) 207

This DDoS is 600+ Gbps but the DDoS devices you link to handle 40 Gbps. How does that work? In another post, you suggest using a CDN. Did you read the original article? Akamai IS a CDN! It's very clear you have no concept of the traffic levels involved. It's hundreds and hundreds of servers involved, it's traffic levels where expensive routers start to fall over due to load. It's not something you manage with $200 appliances or shell scripts.

Part of being intelligent is realizing that some things are above your current understanding. That's why I have no solutions. However, I do understand enough to know that your solutions are amateur, given the sheer size of the data flow under discussion. You don't even recognize the scale and present solutions that are completely unworkable in that scale.

Comment Re:Depends on type of DoS/DDoS attack (Score 1) 207

It seems like you don't understand the scale and scope of these attacks. You're approaching it the way you'd approach someone pointing a few circuits at you. These are millions upon millions of requests all coming from different addresses in an insanely short period of time. Nothing outside of a few highly-specialized tools can meaningfully inspect traffic at those rates. The reason Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, etc can handle it is just sheer size... there's no special technology, they're just already scaled out to handle everyone shopping on Black Friday, which is inherently a larger set of requests than any DDoS.

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