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Submission + - US military leak exposes "holy grail" of security clearance files (

An anonymous reader writes: Security researchers found that the gigabytes of files were accessible to anyone because the internet-connected backup drive was not password protected.

The files, reviewed by ZDNet, contained a range of personal information, such as names and addresses, ranks, and Social Security numbers of more than 4,000 officers. Another file lists the security clearance levels of hundreds of other officers, some of whom possess "top secret" clearance, and access to sensitive compartmented information and codeword-level clearance.

Among the most damaging documents on the drive included the completed applications for renewed national security clearances for two US four-star generals, both of whom recently had top US military and NATO positions.

Another document listed the clearance levels of one of the generals.

And, a smaller spreadsheet contained a list of Social Security numbers, passport numbers, and other contact information on high-profile figures and celebrities, including Channing Tatum.

Submission + - SPAM: Why Your Dad's 30-Year-Old Stereo System Sounds Better Than Your New One

schwit1 writes: The receiver engineers have to devote the lion’s share of their design skills and budget to making the features work. Every year receiver manufacturers pay out more and more money (in the form of royalties and licensing fees) to Apple, Audyssey, Bluetooth, HD Radio, XM-Sirius, Dolby, DTS and other companies, and those dollars consume an ever bigger chunk of the design budget. The engineers have to make do with whatever is left to make the receiver sound good.
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Comment Re:Lets See (Score 2) 138

The secret to theater popcorn at home is a kettle popper (even the cheap $40 one by Nostalgia Electronics) and 4oz Pop Weaver "Naks Paks". This crap called "Flavacol" seasoning is the main reason theatre popcorn tastes so good. The weaver packs have the popcorn, oil, and seasoning all ready to go. You can get them on ebay in lots of 6 (versus buying the whole case).

Comment MS doesn't have a current UI for business apps (Score 2) 139

My team is in the process of migrating a large Windows app from a legacy language to C#. After evaluating the various UI options, we've reached a sad conclusion: MS doesn't actually have a viable UI framework for business apps at this time.

Windows Forms - legacy, in maintenance mode. Shouldn't be considered for new app development.
WPF - A single update, a few years back. Cringeworthy level of complexity and tooling suckiness, can't even subclass a button without having to copy-and-paste XAML from the parent. Seems unlikely to be considered "best practice" for much longer.
UWP - Too new, only has basic UI elements

It seems insane, providing business solutions was supposed to be MS's bread and butter.

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