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Comment Politico lost integrity (Score 1) 551

Politico lost their integrity for me this year and as such I won't recognize any story as legitimate, especially one so obviously trying to start something where there is nothing. The story here isn't Twitter's denial, but another example of how Politico has an agenda. News shouldn't have an agenda.

Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 557

3. Why are Trump supporters so nervous of investigations and recounts? It almost seems like they think there's something to hide.

If the result they got was the result they wanted, then they would be justifiably nervous to find it invalidated. Not to burst a bubble or anything, but this is not a way that Trump supporters are crazy, this is common sense. Hillary supporters tended to get nervous of investigations as well.

Comment Re:So global warming is a farce after all (Score 1) 313

"usually White, Male and Lower to Lower Middle-Class, likes to indulge in now and again."

It's funny because those who aren't belligerent Americans are usually white, male, and there were no shortage of those who were lower-middle class that didn't vote for Trump. Your narrative is racist and sexist...but in a good way!

Comment Re:Never gonna happen with Trump (Score 1) 445

That's true. And if there's one thing Trump does, it's remain consistent in his opinions over time. /s

I've always hated when people do this. If someone forms the wrong opinion first, we criticize it, and then if they come to the right decision, we mock them for not hanging on the wrong idea, rather than appreciate them for having an open mind. Could they have been informed before opening their mouth? Sure, but we shouldn't discourage admitting mistakes. Ever.

But who am I kidding, all that matters is that partisanship is justified.

Comment Re:UBI will be a disaster (Score 1) 426

It looks like everyone thinks that wealthy men keep their wealth in some kind of vault like Smaug. This is not the case. Most of their wealth is already in the economy, there is basically nothing you can get from the wealthy by taxing them more.

This isn't even in the top 10 reasons why people consider UBI.

Comment Re:Much ado about nothing (Score 1) 454

This comment is sad, in that it's either intentionally misleading, or just ignorant. Much like the voting rhetoric of mainstream American today.

It'll be fun when Hillary is president, people have forgotten about Trump, and she just gets DESTROYED by everything she's sown. That or she gets away with everything because of apologists like you. I'm hoping many people like you come around after she's president, better late than never.

Comment Re: maaaan (Score 5, Insightful) 382

I don't know how many times this needs repeating to Hillary apologists but, just because SHE didn't mark it classified, doesn't mean it didn't CONTAIN classified information. The information was always classified. And Secretary of State knows the nature of classified information so it shouldn't be a surprise.

Actually I do know how many times it needs repeating. Every time. Because they have no room for new information on this topic.

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