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Comment Re:Reminder: "Hacking" was mere illumination (Score 2, Insightful) 312

"election hacking" is a very disingenuous way to refer to what happened. Everyone is treating it like votes were fraudulent, when what really happened was fraudulent activity was exposed via hacking. This should actually be a good thing.

But the truth doesn't matter as much as the narrative.

Comment Sexual bias translates to real life (Score 1) 656

If they were concerned about his bias towards women in the bedroom translating to outside the bedroom, then shouldn't we be worried about gay men? They clearly don't think women can do the job in the bedroom at all, so they probably don't even hire women right?

Comment Aren't they talking about manned flight? (Score 2) 166

This is the epitome of news reporting these days.
Step one: gather information to report on something you don't understand (e.g. how to do a manned flight mission)
Step two: make assumptions about a detail you learned on a subject you don't understand (e.g. how to do a manned flight mission)
Step three: complain about money spent (Bonus points for calling out NASA and how successful private industry is)
Step four: compare the risk of two things that are just not relatable (the difference of risk between unmanned and manned flight is laughable)
      Just to point out, there is a dedicated team at NASA focused on the safety of everyone involved. This is "overhead".
      There are people for quality assurance. This is "overhead".
      There are system engineers.
      There are people who manage the process.
      There are managers at the project level.
      There are managers at the mission level.
      Personnel managers.
      Facility managers.
      Independent reviews.
Do you really want to be known as the one who cut one of these pieces when a rocket carrying people blows up? I'm not saying that the private industry can't handle this. I'm sure they will some day. But to assume they won't be exponentially more expensive???

Look people. Space X saved millions of dollars by borrowing decades old lessons and in some cases even algorithms and hardware from what NASA accomplished. Maybe private is the future, but how can we be so arrogant as to assume that our current success is unrelated to the hard work of people for the better part of a century?

Step five: inflammatory news piece to get your name out there.

Comment College system (Score 1) 632

I still haven't really heard a valid reason that everyone should go to college. When we graduate high school, we're supposed to be filled with tons of information in different areas of study, having done arithmetic, read Shakespeare, learned countries and history, etc. If everyone's supposed to go to college, then why do we have to get in debt to do it? And why does the Federal gov't. need to make money in the process? Not to mention the obvious motivations for privately owned institutions.

People out of college would be most likely to spend money and stimulate the economy. Why put the heavy debt burden on them? If we distributed it, it would make a lot more sense. I'm just saying, the only two logical paths seem to be, not everyone needs "College" (see: trade school), or everyone does so run it at a state level with some private options.

disclaimer: I am not a communist.

Comment Re:Thank god (Score 0) 445

It's not even close to equal. At least, not with the information we have. One was illegal and risked national security on a multitude of clearance levels, the other was boneheaded but dangerous for national security? Not likely.

I don't blame you for thinking it's the same. This is what happens when people who aren't trained in a subject report on it anyway.

Submission + - Trump Is Right:Silicon Valley Is Using H-1B Visas To Pay Low Wages To Immigrants (

schwit1 writes: the Trump administration has drafted a new executive order that could actually mean higher wages for both foreign workers and Americans working in Silicon Valley. The Silicon Valley companies, of course, will not be happy if it goes into effect.

The order aims to overhaul and limit work visas, notably the H-1B visa program. Tech companies rely on these to bring in foreign talent. Their lobbyists claim there is a “talent shortage” among Americans and thus that the industry needs more of such work visas. This is patently false. The truth is that they want an expansion of the H-1B work visa program because they want to hire cheap, immobile labor — i.e., foreign workers.

To see how this works, note that most Silicon Valley firms sponsor their H-1B workers, who hold a temporary visa, for U.S. permanent residency (green card) under the employment-based program in immigration law. EB sponsorship renders the workers de facto indentured servants; though they have the right to move to another employer, they do not dare do so, as it would mean starting the lengthy green card process all over again.

Comment Politico lost integrity (Score 1) 551

Politico lost their integrity for me this year and as such I won't recognize any story as legitimate, especially one so obviously trying to start something where there is nothing. The story here isn't Twitter's denial, but another example of how Politico has an agenda. News shouldn't have an agenda.

Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 557

3. Why are Trump supporters so nervous of investigations and recounts? It almost seems like they think there's something to hide.

If the result they got was the result they wanted, then they would be justifiably nervous to find it invalidated. Not to burst a bubble or anything, but this is not a way that Trump supporters are crazy, this is common sense. Hillary supporters tended to get nervous of investigations as well.

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