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Comment I honestly know how he feels (Score 1) 260

Although I would never bother to sue over it, I assume this is the new normal. Does anyone remember the movie "9"? The trailer had puppets fighting robots to the tune of "Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria. It looked awesome.

That was perhaps the most disappointed in a movie I ever was. Not only were there very few of the fight scenes that weren't in the trailer, but the song never played during the movie. Just the credits. What's the point?

Comment Re:And there it is, apologist for murderers. .. (Score 1) 393

None of which justifies his murder by police. Yet another example of unjustified shooting by US police.

Nice argument by you, too. 1. using definition of murder wrong. 2. Ad hominem. 3. 'Yet another' as an argument. 4. Not actually having to defend the things that led up to being shot.

Clearly using emotion to win an argument? Check. (that's an opinion by me of course, but I think it's rational?)

Comment Re:Prison for this not likely for anyone (Score 1) 1010

Since when is "intentionally circumventing classification handling procedures" considered 'being sloppy'?

Walking out with some papers off the printer might be 'sloppy', and even that could be messy. Walking in with a hidden USB drive could be 'sloppy', unless they can prove intent.

If I went home and wrote a book on my google drive about current classified mission data, and sent it to a few co-workers or friends I hired, I wouldn't be 'slapped on the wrist'. And they wouldn't buy the whole 'I didn't mark it classified so it's not' argument.

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