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Comment Re:DECwindows ;) (Score 1) 204

There are projectors that support bluetooth connections and network connections. The current status quo need not be the status quo.

I also gave a presentation in a location that required using a proprietary (to that projector) usb dongle. That one was a bit scary.

Comment Re:401k (Score 1) 467

What do you mean you won't get a tax deduction for IRA contributions at all? The amount of tax deferred income you can contribute to an IRA is not dependent on your salary, although it is much lower than that which you could contribute to your 401(K).

Sorry the 401(k) at your place of employment doesn't have choices that suit you - mine has many index funds that are basically no-cost and over the 15 years or so I've been part of them, have generated returns of nearly 10% (yes, that includes the recent downturn)

It's great that you are saving a lot of money, and paying down your debt...if you made smarter choices, like using a home equity line of credit instead of credit card financing to do your insulation work you'd save even more.

Comment Re:Holy shit (Score 1) 467

The article is about developers - I would guess not many developers make less than $50K and the average is probably significantly higher than that. If you are in a career that starts at $50K and goes up from there and DON'T expect to save a million dollars in your lifetime, then exactly how are you expecting to retire?

And the GP specifically started with $100 TV subscription and find other ways to save - the point being there are lots of things we spend a lot of money on, that we could eliminate to save more, while still having a pretty good standard of life now.

Comment Re:yet another solar tech not available to the pub (Score 1) 237

first, google gdp vs stock market.

Then google stock market returns.

Then google doubling time of money.

Then google stock market returns in the last 12 months.

While the economy may not be super strong, the stock market has been doing quote well recently. 14% for the S&P 500 the past 12 months. At 10%/yr you will make over 400% on your investment in 25 years.

Comment Re:Scary Charges (Score 1) 282

This is why companies (and I'm sure Verizon does) have ethics training that employees must complete as part of our employment with our companies. This is the exact situation they do this for. They show that they trained the employees not to do crap like this, so that when an idiot employee does, they are less, or not, liable.

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