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Comment OP got it wrong! (Score 5, Informative) 44

From TFA "According to CEO Jean-Manual Croset and Director of Community Charles Schulz, the Mandriva server products will be based on the Mageia distribution of Linux, while desktop and OEM products will be based on the historical Mandriva Linux distro." Desktop and OEM offerings to be based upon Mandriva not on Mageia and server to be based on Mageia not Mandriva.
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - Progress Report From A Developer Trying to Go Open Source, Funded By Donations (

TroysBucket writes: The developer of the game "Linux Tycoon" is attempting to release all of his software under the GPL and fund further development with donations. He gives a status update on how this is going. Spoiler: Not bad, but could be better. An interesting case study for anyone who's been thinking about doing something similar.

Comment its a massive opportunity (Score 3, Insightful) 101

Peter norvig is teaching us how to design computer programs in the udacity's CS212 course. Its really amazing to watch his simple and elegant codes and if we can take up his coding habits then that will really propel our programming skills. This kind of opportunity is really massive for me considering I'm studying at a university that is not even up to standards in my own country. Never even dreamt of being taught by a genious like peter.

Comment Current utilizing it in a case.. (Score 1) 151

In kolkata cell phone location tracking is already being utilized to solve a rape case where the female victim accuses 5 people who have raped her, but the locations reported by the cell phones of those accused persons show they never been in the area where the victim reported of being raped.

Submission + - Alaskan tests to use waste CO2 to flush out natura (

ananyo writes: This month, scientists will test a new way to extract methane from beneath the frozen soil of Alaska: they will use waste carbon dioxide from conventional wells to force out the desired natural gas.

The pilot experiment will explore the possibility of ‘mining’ from gas hydrates: cages of water ice that hold molecules of methane. Such hydrates exist under the sea floor and in sandstone deep beneath the Arctic tundra, holding potentially vast reserves of natural gas. But getting the gas out is tricky and expensive.

The test is to be run by the US Department of Energy (DOE), in conjunction with ConocoPhillips, an oil company based in Houston, Texas, and the Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation. The researchers will pump CO2 down a well in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, into a hydrate deposit. If all goes as planned, the CO2 molecules will exchange with the methane in the hydrates, leaving the water crystals intact and freeing the methane to flow up the well.

Comment Re:Holding back? (Score 2) 460

PulseAudio is a useless piece of shit. It's like ALSA with a bunch of stupid complications. How it got to be the standard sound system for so many mainstream distros is a real mystery.

ALSA with dmix produces shitty quality sound. When pulseaudion was introduced in ubuntu 8.04 it was causing all sorts of problems, mainly with sound latency. If you give pulseaudio a try now you'll see all of those latency issues have somehow vanished, plug-in an audio device to your pc and it magically works like in windows, and the sound quality due to some good resampling is just crystal clear as with OSSv4. While OSSv4 has a very good resampler it fails to support the plethora of sound devices that pulseaudio supports.


Submission + - Microsoft to dump .Net for HTML5/JavaScript? (

joelholdsworth writes: Microsoft seem to be set on adopting HTML5 and JavaScript as its main application development tools for Windows 8 — is this the end of .NET?" "Microsoft developers feel left in the dark and very angry at the way they are being treated. You only have to browse the Microsoft forums to discover how strong the feeling is: forum post 1, forum post 2 and an open letter.

Submission + - PathScale Opens Up The EKOPath 4 Compiler (

An anonymous reader writes: Phoronix is reporting that PathScale is open-sourcing the EKOPath 4 Compiler Suite. This high-performance 64-bit C/C++/Fortran compiler that commands the super-computing market previously cost upwards of $2000 USD a license will now be made available under the GPL with support for Linux, Solaris, and BSD operating systems. Initial results indicate that EKOPath 4 can heavily outpace the common GCC compiler.

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