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Comment Re:Freedom of Choice (Score 1) 403

Well, people who don't vote along party lines tend to get thrown out of parties here in Canada.

Anyway, there were other reasons to vote against STV. The major reason was that the proposal would have created several super ridings with multiple representatives. Who are you supposed to go to in order to make your opinion heard? What about ridings that cover a large area of rural landscape as well as a few towns? Are the representatives even going to care about rural outliers when most of the voters will be living in towns? Furthermore, there is nothing stopping parties from fielding multiple candidates, and I suspect people would be more likely to just vote along party lines - which would yield even more homogeneous results than the current system, as larger ridings with more people would average the results even more than the first-past-the-post system that we currently have.

Comment Re:The medium (Score 2, Interesting) 321

I disagree strongly with this. Try playing Rendition. You'll probably find it difficult to not feel disgust at your own actions in the game.

The problem isn't the medium of videogames, it is the presentation of the subject matter within the game. But how are we to know whether the presentation in Six Days In Fallujah approached the subject matter effectively (or not), when outcry from people like you prevent such works from being created?

Comment Shanghai team? (Score 1) 281

They talked about how they used the Australia team initially for technology and later for more tasks, but what about the Shanghai team mentioned at the end in the data section? I know it's unlikely that anyone here will know, but I'd love to find out how they coordinated with the artists and designers in that studio, and what they worked on.

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