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Comment Netflix + Amazon vs Pirated Content in the World (Score 1) 244

Oh wait it's missing one word
Netflix + Amazon (Western content) vs Pirated Content in the World

Netflix + Amazon (Western content) Pirated Content in the World

It doesn't take much to point out Netflix & Amazon are still pretty limited in content across the world. Go travel for a vacation to some weird Asia place. If you can find internet, go on Netflix or Amazon. You will be very disappointed.

Comment This is all (Score 1) 391

due to Facebook. Their new app has caused an increasing number of men walking into car park poles, hitting their crouch and disabling their third leg feature.

Since it requires time to recover their feature completely after being disabled, Facebook should add additional male enhancement content in the morning to ensure men's third leg feature can be fully recovered by the time it is night time.

Comment Wikipedia (Score 2) 169

Android, a popular mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel

[table] Operating system - Android [table]

Android was first (currently not replicated by others, in a single year) operating system

from your textbook

Android (stylized as android) is a mobile operating system developed by Google

from another page of the same damn textbook

From the wiki 'textbook',
Linux is an OS, Android also an OS, Windows also an OS, and MacOS also an OS.
Linux kernel is the kernel. Android uses Linux kernel. Windows uses NT. MacOS uses Unix.

In my book, Linux is a fat bird and Android is an edible robot. your augment is invalid.

Comment Re:Social media *is* the "real world" (Score 1) 142

This became somewhat off topic but it is replying to op concern.

YMMV, but social media is "online" interactions. Some people may use it like its their real-world interactions, but there are others that treat it as single room (anonymous) interactions. This variation can explain why some people (with kids mentality) post awful message in text in voice.

First we need to understand that when Humans express something, it returns a feeling of satisfaction (aka reward). However during online interactions, those Humans can enter their sub-consciousness. Of those, people that treat it as a single room interactions can enter a state of sub-conscious where they feel like they are in another world with no consequence.

As a result, while some people express positive in their sub-conscious, there are equal or more people express neutral or negative in their sub-conscious when assuming no consequence.

For example, you are watching a street riot as a victim getting punched. What is your sub-conscious reaction? There are a number of reactions possible, but there is one that most humans would have. That is to punch back. Most humans in this case has a feeling of revenge as satisfaction. In real world, they pause as humans consciously make the decision to see the consequence of their action. Humans question themselves in the conscious state whether the reward was even worth. However when they are in a sub-conscious state with no consequence, they would just do it regardless.

A more simple example would be picking your nose in your room without knowing. You picked your nose when you consciously assume you don't have negative consequence when picking nose in your room and sub-consciously want to do it, so in the end you did it.

Long story short, those people that post awful things are expressing their sub-conscious reactions assuming there is no consequence, which unlike they normally do in real life consciousness. This is common for players in an online video game as sh*t talking (expressing) to others is rewarding. There are exceptions when some Humans do it in both consciously and sub-consciously where they do not see the consequence at all.

The good news is there are some controls that can be placed. So as long as the 'reward' has been removed or a punishment has been added, it can remove this issue. Slashdot has been doing good so far by removing the reward.

Comment City Planners (Score 1) 469

and no 'traffic engineers"?

In traffic engineering, traffic system can be calculated for optimized traffic flow. Clearly, there hasn't been any engineer to continue upgrade the system as the existing system is unable to keep up with the capacity. Waze and other traffic apps are just fixing their problem for them. If they get a few engineers, they can at least find alternatives to maximize traffic flow before considering infrastructure upgrades.

Just a few examples, including increasing the green light time for peak traffic into city, recommending specific route for low traffic, shifting lanes, changing intersection phasing (priority warning for drivers required), redirect city traffic permanently (not recommended but feasible depend on traffic).

Comment Browser Usage (Score 1) 205

It might be due to the following.

-Microsoft Announced that IE v11 is the last release on Windows. This for a reason led a number of IT now installs new Windows with Chrome (maybe for security reason?).

-New Android phone default browsers are Google Chrome. We all know the sheer number of in Android market.

Comment It's a Phishing Email (Score 1) 206

It is very like they (ISP or other 3rd party) don't know who downloaded what thing.

HOWEVER, if you do anything like a reply, you are now on THEIR LIST. Regardless of you did it or not, replying confirm your email and potentially cause you to be phished for further spam and virus.

The best action is to DO NO ACTION on their behalf. Just mark it as spam and continue your life. Unless your ISP disconnected your internet connection, you should not get yourself phished.

Also if they've disconnected your internet, now you do have a position to sue them. It's a win-win for you by keeping your cards until the end.

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