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Submission + - Making sense of CPU and GPU model numbers (pricewatch.com)

b4dc0d3r writes: How do you make sense of the various model numbers or naming schemes for CPUs, graphics cards, and the related chipsets? All I want is something that will run Oblivion and output full 1080 video to a TV. Last time I built my own computer I just went to Pricewatch, made a few easy choices, and everything came to my door. Do I really have to research the difference between Core i5, Core 2 Duo, Pentium 4, Pentium D, Semperon, Athlon, Phenom... and that's just the processor. Is there a reference somewhere? Sure Wikipedia has some info, but I'm in for a lot of reading. In short, how the hell do you buy a computer these days?

Submission + - IdM SLAs or acceptable user provisioning timeframe

b4dc0d3r writes: "I am currently trying to find acceptable SLA or timeframe data for user provisioning. I need to be able to say "Users must be provisioned in X time" and "Users must be able to be granted access in Y time". Provisioned would include the initial load (with default or initial permissions), and granting access would be any additional rights granting (or un-granting) once the user exists.

Are there any recommendations or standards around Identity Management solutions? My target is currently in the range of days or weeks, and we are trying to push this down to hours if not days. But we need data, or recommendations from leading research groups (Gartner et. al.), or something at least to be able to back up the demand. We can probably afford to buy a copy of an industry survey or report, I just don't know where to look. It's obviously not acceptable for a user to sit around without needed access has not been a very effective data point so far.

So if you have nothing else, here's the short question: How long should it take for a new employee to be granted access to the tools they need to do their job? I fail at teh google, if you even have search suggestions that would be good too."

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