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Comment Re:There has been crime commited on both sides. (Score 0) 164

Arad, where the guy is from is a historical hungarian town which now belongs to Romania.

Get your geography and history straight before posting such information. Straight from Wikipedia:

The municipality of Arad is home to 183,939 inhabitants, the ethnic breakdown of the city is as follows: * Romanian: 142,968 (82.72%) * Hungarian: 22,503 (13.02%) * [...] Arad was mentioned in documents for the first time in the 11th century. The Mongol invasion of the Kingdom of Hungary in 1241 showed that defensive fortifications were needed and in the second half of the 13th century stone fortresses at Soimos, Siria and Dezna were built. The Ottoman Empire conquered the region from Hungary in 1551 and kept it until the Peace of Karlowitz of 1699. After 1699, the city was ruled by the Habsburg Monarchy. According to 1720 data, the population of the city was composed of 177 Romanian families, 162 Serbian and 35 Hungarian.

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