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Linux Business

Submission + - SFLC's response to allegations from OpenBSD

b1ufox writes: "Eben Moglen has replied to a recent accusation re-attempt from an OpenBSD developer over Atheros driver issue. The OpenBSD developer was replied on the lkml by different kernel developers.Soon Eben Moglen replied to the accusations on lkml.
Eben Moglen's reply can be found at

Original mail from OpenBSD developer can be found at"
Input Devices

Submission + - Person behind writing 235 USB webcam drivers!!!

b1ufox writes: "Well, many of us love Linux and its really good compatibility with a lot of hardware devices. Webcams are no exceptions.Imagine writing a device driver for an unsupported webcam.What would you do?

Meet Michel Xhaard, a 60 year old physician by profession who is responsible for writing single handedly writing drivers for 235 low cost USB webcams!!!.

And surprisingly he did so without any help from big corporations.All on his own as a hobby.

More about Michel and can be found here 291."

Submission + - Dolphin all set to be included in KDE4

b1ufox writes: "ArsTechnica carries an article on Dolphin, the new file manager which will debut with much awaited KDE4.The screenshot definitely looks promising.As dolphin will be the default file manager for KDE4, it certainly does not mean Konqueror has been displace.Knoqueror is still one of the most advanced file managers out there, among the FOSS community. More at st-look-at-dolphin-the-kde-4-file-manager.html"
Linux Business

Submission + - Freespire tampering with Distrowatch figures

b1ufox writes: "'s weekly news reportedly brought into light Freespire and its tactics to increase its popularity in the Linux Distribution market swamped by likes of Ubuntu, Suse and Fedora.

The whole story on Disrtowatch can be read at reespire.

From the news article —

Upon investigation, it turned out that both and had been deceivingly redirecting visitors to the Freespire page on DistroWatch and that the default home page of Firefox in the latest build of Freespire had also been set to the same page. As a result, Linspire has become the largest referrer of this month and the company has been responsible for a considerable number of extra hits on the Freespire page at DistroWatch."

Submission + - Using Subversion for version control

b1ufox writes: "Version Control systems are very important when it comes to working with more than one code forks at a time. It saves you time and effort plus avoids developers from working on the same code.

Subversion is a Free version control system which is not only powerful but also robust and secure.

Differences between Subversion and other existing version control systems like CVS are worth reading here

An elaborative and easy to understand HowTo is also available here ,which gives some important features of svn,its usefulness and a complete description of how to use svn."

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