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Submission + - Iodine-131 plume detected in Europe (theaviationist.com)

b0s0z0ku writes: Low levels of radioactive iodine-131 have been detected in various European countries in the past week. The US has deployed their WC-135 "Constant Phoenix" aircraft to the UK in order to investigate the source.

The source is anybody's guess at this point. Reactor accident in Russia, low-yield nuke test?


Submission + - Google Groups search ... still broken (google.com)

b0s0z0ku writes: For the past month or more, searching for any phrase on the Google Groups website has yielded only the first page of results with no convenient way to navigate to subsequent pages. The page bar on the bottom of the screen has gone missing. Despite this bug being reported to Google by multiple people, Google has not seen fit to fix it in a timely manner. This humble poster wonders if Google Groups is being maintained at all, and by whom?

Submission + - Major problems with two financial websites

b0s0z0ku writes: As of 16:30EST today, the Bank of America website is down, and has been down for most of the day. Nasdaq.com is reporting completely different data from Scottrade and my iPhone, and the data on Nasdaq.com appears to be bogus (markets do not fluctuate repeatedly and immediately like that).


Both screenshots were taken 10 minutes ago. Could this be a sign of a cyberattack against US financial institutions?

Submission + - Apple limits iPhones to 2 per person, rejects cash

b0s0z0ku writes: Citing concerns about availability for the holidays, Apple is now limiting iPhone purchases to two per person (at least at Apple stores) and only accepting credit card payments in order to create a record of who bought the phones. Could this possibly be their attempt to control the market for unlocked iPhones now that the 1.1.1 firmware has been cracked? Naaw, never.
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Submission + - On the Internet, no one knows you're a ... 1

b0s0z0ku writes: Crazy story from Wired about IM's and who people really are. Two people start an online relationship. She thinks that he's a 20 year old Marine. He thinks that she's a 17 yo girl from West Virginia. His co-worker is also dating her online, BTW, and it all comes to a bad end. Will we be seeing a bad movie about all this in a year?

Submission + - RIP Outlook Express

b0s0z0ku writes: According to this Computerworld story, Outlook Express is due to be end-of-lifed and replaced with Windows Live Mail in XP or Windows Mail in Vista. Am I the only one who's used Windows Live Mail and thought that the interface was awfully cluttered? Does it do newsgroups? And will this be pushed on users like IE 7, so people will see their mail client change overnight?
Wireless (Apple)

Submission + - Apple releases cell phone at MacWorld

b0s0z0ku writes: "In his keynote speech at MacWorld 2007, Steve Jobs is now talking about the specifications of the long-rumored Apple iPhone. Scroll down to the bottom of the article for pictures. The phone is a tablet about the size of a Blackberry with touch screen and no keypad, and it runs a version of OS X!"

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