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Submission + - Iodine-131 plume detected in Europe (

b0s0z0ku writes: Low levels of radioactive iodine-131 have been detected in various European countries in the past week. The US has deployed their WC-135 "Constant Phoenix" aircraft to the UK in order to investigate the source.

The source is anybody's guess at this point. Reactor accident in Russia, low-yield nuke test?

Comment Leave your phone at home, but bring a burner... (Score 1) 514

A cheap Android phone bought on EBay. Have exactly NO data on it, but lock it with a long password. If they try to bully you into giving up the password, let the fucking pigs confiscate it.

Why? For $10 or $20, you can waste a lot of their time -- let them crack the encryption to yield exactly zilch. The best way to fight Trumpian authoritarianism is to gum up the system and overload the pigs who are "just doing their jobs" with unnecessary, wasteful work.

Comment Re:Crippleware -- no local file support (Score 1) 69

To be clear, it does also support Sharepoint, which some larger businesses have, so using the cloud is not mandatory. But not supporting local file storage might be OK on an iOS device where the file system is hidden from the user, but not on Android which has decent support for local and SD card storage.

Smacks of Microsoft wanting to own all of their users' data. I'll stick with Kingsoft Office or OpenOffice for Android, thanks very much. I really don't want to upload all of my private data to the Great Fluffy Mothership in Redmond, nor do I intend to pay for a license to run a Sharepoint server.

Comment Crippleware -- no local file support (Score 1) 69

Shows how blind Microsoft is. Unlike iOS devices, Android comes with decent support for local file storage out of the box. Apparently, Mobile Office only currently supports opening files on SkyDrive/OneDrive. No support for local storage, so that email attachment that you downloaded with the native Android email client won't be readable unless you upload it to the mothership in Redmond first. Same goes with files created with other Android apps.

Nor does it have support for Dropbox,, or other cloud services that people use for business file sharing.

Comment Landline replacement and fiber (Score 1) 449

If you're running fiber to the premises (as basically all decently fast and non-latent Internet access entails), then it's trivial to include POTS functionality in the endpoint terminal at the home of business. Carriers should be required to maintain the POTS network until they come up with a better, non-wireless solution to replace it. I think that, in general, the network will be maintained IN MOST areas for at least another 10-20 years. Too much legacy equipment that's dependent on it right now. Even in Verizon areas damaged by Sandy (Fire Island), Verizon is changing their mind about providing shitty wireless service only and will be providing FiOS service.

Comment Re:Hazard (Score 1) 879

You're lucky -- I've have the displeasure of seeing several VERY infected Vista and Win 7 boxes. (Basically, the choice was to remove the HDD and use a clean computer running malware removal software to clean it, or to re-install entirely.)

Comment Workarounds... (Score 1) 194

(1) Split an account with your friends or office (2) 20 free articles -- there's got to be a way to spoof that. Deleting cookies + changing IP #'s would probably do that. (3) Fake referrers from search engines or Facebook, though they may have ways of verifying Also, why doesn't NYT also have a daily option like their dead-tree version? You should be able to buy a copy, download the whole thing to your laptop or tablet, and be able to read it on the plane without being forced to pay for a 4-week period!

Submission + - Third explosion at Fukushima power station ( 4

b0s0z0ku writes: As of early Tuesday morning in Japan, there are reports of an explosion at a third reactor at the Fukushima power station. Unlike the previous two explosions, this blast may have damaged the containment of the reactor itself.

Submission + - Google Groups search ... still broken (

b0s0z0ku writes: For the past month or more, searching for any phrase on the Google Groups website has yielded only the first page of results with no convenient way to navigate to subsequent pages. The page bar on the bottom of the screen has gone missing. Despite this bug being reported to Google by multiple people, Google has not seen fit to fix it in a timely manner. This humble poster wonders if Google Groups is being maintained at all, and by whom?
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - The modern FPS - as seen by the BBC in 1980 (

An anonymous reader writes: A year before the BBC tried to educate the computer-illiterate with the BBC Micro, it had already inadvertantly predicted the look and feel of the modern hi-res first-person shooter in an episode from the third season of its very low-budget 'Robin Hood in space' SF show 'Blake's 7'. The episode 'Death-Watch' is to videogame FPS prediction what the 'Star Trek' TOS episode 'A Taste Of Armageddon' is to the likes of turn-based strategy games such as .Sid Meier's Civilization'. This article contains a short video excerpt from the episode that will look familiar to fans of 'Gears Of War' and the 'Half-Life' franchise. Ironically, if the BBC had had any real budget to work with, they would have got it wrong...

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