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Comment Re:Did they give him an anal probe? (Score 3, Informative) 328

The NYT article linked from TFA clearly states that the tournament was broadcast live on the internet, and this fellow lost due to a rudimentary mistake in the last round when the organizers switched off the live broadcast, which lends some credence to the OP's suggestion. As another poster stated, a 1 or 2 move delay in the live broadcast would mitigate this issue.

Comment Re:Can this possibly be secure? (Score 1) 391

Assuming it's based on what they purchased from LaLa, it's fairly trivial to get them to give you a good copy of an arbitrary track. I tried this when LaLa debuted their "cloud music service", which would scan your library, matching tracks by, as far as I could tell, tags only. I took a random MP3 file, re-tagged it to a track that I didn't own, and ran the Lala scanner. Sure enough, it showed up on Lala as a track that I owned and could listen to an unlimited number of times online. Of course at that point Lala didn't let you re-download matched tracks as Apple will, so it was limited. But I'm forced to assume that if you have the patience, you could get Apple to give you 256Kbps MP3s of albums you don't actually own.

Submission + - linux is not a crime

An anonymous reader writes: A colleague of mine submitted a personal laptop (macbook) to IT of a department of a major university in the University of California to be checked prior to access being granted to the network. The response was:
I am currently setting up your laptop for xxxxxxxxx department. I noticed you have Ubuntu and Windows running on Virtual Box. We cannot have linux computers on the network , and cannot have any copies of Windows running that aren't joined to the xxxxxxxxx Network. Also, there is Bittorrent software on the computer which isn't allowed.
I can remote the bittorrent and the Virtual machiens and then the computer will be able to be added. Would you like me to do this? Any files or programs that you have installed on them will be lost.

I am surprised at the policy against linux, especially given the amount of research that gets done in the University of California using linux and other open source projects. Is this a trend? Do they have a basis for security concerns regarding linux?
The other sad thing is the banning of bittorrent, which is simply a file-downloading program.

Submission + - Internet Access is a Human Right, UN Report Says (

purkinje writes: Disconnecting people from the internet is a violation of human rights and is against international law, says a UN report released yesterday. The report comes just after several governments in the Middle East restricted internet access during unrest there, and a year after France and the UK passed three-strikes laws to disconnect users illegally sharing files. People have a right to both dimensions of internet access, the report says: unfettered access to content and the technology and infrastructure needed to get online in the first place.

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