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Comment Re:what a bunch of bullshit (Score 1) 76

Well if this is a matter of copyright then governments absolutely do have the right to make this decision. Copyrights are not rights that are granted to authors, rather they are removal of rights from everyone else for a limited time. If EU governments decide that the benefit of removing copyright over such work is preferable to the benefit from having the copyright - that's for them and their electorate to decide.

Comment Re:Waaah. (Score 1) 338

Got a new vacuum cleaner lately, high power, massively discounted (didn't know it at the time but obviously due to these regulations being on horizon). At first use it stuck to the carpet and is difficult to push around, a tug on the handle WILL lift the carpet off the floor.

Submission + - Nominet destroying UK WHOIS privacy, wants ID

ktetch-pirate writes: Earlier this week, Nominet launched the .uk domain to great fanfare, but hidden in that activity has been Nominet's new policy of exposing personal domain owners home addresses. Justification is based on a site being judged 'commercial', which can mean anything from a few google ads, an Amazon widget, to an email subscription box or linking to too many commercial sites, according to Nominet reps. In the meantime though, they want your driving license or passport to ensure 'accuracy' because they 'want to make things safe'.

Submission + - Pirate Party is crowd sourcing funds to fight election campaign (pozible.com)

azzy writes: The UK Pirate Party has turned to crowd sourcing to fund its upcoming election campaign for the European Parliament. It raced to 20% of the total in under a day and has now almost reached 50% of the £5,000 ($8400) target. When mainstream parties are spending millions can a small party with modest funding totals really compete? But for a party that crowd sourced policies in 2011 on reddit, and now seeks to crowd source for necessary finances, perhaps being in touch with the voters at these more personal levels can make all the difference.

Submission + - UK Pirate Party seeking donations to fight legal threats against its TPB proxy (pirateparty.org.uk)

azzy writes: The BPI (music industry body in the United Kingdom) has threatened legal action against leaders of the Pirate Party UK for their continued running of a proxy to ThePirateBay.

The Pirate Party UK is operating this proxy as a high profile fight against corporate-motivated censorship of the internet and is now raising money to help fight this legal action.

PPUK is aiming to assemble a legal team that is capable of putting together a case that will not only keep the proxy in place, but also settle the issues surrounding the arbitrary censorship of the web.

See also: https://torrentfreak.com/music-industry-threatens-to-sue-uk-pirate-party-over-pirate-bay-proxy-121210/

Comment which bit worries me most (Score 1) 709

Ok, referring to people with guns starting fires as not having common sense, perhaps insinuating people with guns don't have common sense - not clever, nor useful. Having a situation where the authorities can't stop people without common sense having guns and so can't stop them from starting wildfires - not good. Having a situation where the authorities can't stop people without common sense HAVING GUNS - living the American dream.

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