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Submission + - Best DVR *without* subscription services.

ngc5194 writes: I'm thinking about joining the 21st century and purchasing a Digital Video Recorder. However, I DO NOT want to subscribe to any services. I understand that this will limit what my DVR can do, and I'm fine if it just acts like a solid-state VCR.

My question is, given the constraint above (sans subscription services), which would be the best DVR to purchase and why? Are there any that will fail to function altogether without a subscription?

Comment Re:So, what about online retailers? (Score 1) 368

You make some incredibly great points. I have one more for you: gift cards. You can easily get one at your local mall.

The only way I can see a law being passed and able to be held up in Louisiana court, is if the retailer shipped from the same state. Last I knew, interstate commerce was governed by the federal government.

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