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Comment Re:Well, shit. (Score 2) 386

I really like Unity!

Yeah, me too. I got used to it, and it feels good to work with. Less screen estate wasted. Its only downside is a lack of an application menu for those users which don't know how their apps are named/don't know how to search for them. I hope they'll be able to customise Gnome3 so it retains at least some of Unity's look and feel. Also, it's possible for others to fork/continue the project, since its open source.

Comment Re:The answer: XMPP (Score 1) 456

Something like the common use of XMPP federation is what the article was asking for and it hasn't been solved. It just needs more than a technical solution. How do we get bad faith actors like Google and Apple and Yahoo and ... to stop building walled gardens?

You forgot Facebook. Messenger is also XMPP based (without the Federation option, just like Google Hangouts). Read the docs: Chat API (Deprecated)

Comment Re:Sounds good to me (Score 1) 334

With uber, you see the total price on the app, including service and all extras, before you book the ride. I hate their business model and their disrespect for local laws and practice, but in Europe I almost totally avoid cabs because of the reasons above, and a decent app would go a long way towards making me use taxis more often.

In many cities in Germany and in a few other European cities (ie. Barcelona, Madrid, Zurich, Vienna, Warsaw) you can use MyTaxi app - it's like Uber for registered Taxi drivers. All drivers have a taxi licence, and you know the cost of the fare (the rate per km and the start fee) before ordering one. You can pay in cash to the driver (the old fashioned way) or you can pay by app using your bank card (like Uber). Tipping is optional. There are driver reviews, and there is a friend recommendation programme so you can get some free/discounted rides for having your friends use your promo code. You have a map on your app while riding so the driver won't cheat you on changing the route, and you have a history of your rides so you can complain about the driver if you think you have been treated wrong. It's almost like the best of both worlds. The costs are roughly the same as ordering an ordinary taxi, but you can choose the cheapest one in your vicinity.

Comment Cool spider bro! (Score 1) 171

So for example male spiders in the orb-web families spin a line of very stretch silk which they keep attached to a leg during initial contact and mating with a female - as soon as mating concludes they let go with the other legs and their bungie cord gives them a very rapid escape. Cannibalism only happens if the cord fails to function for some reason, or the female manages to be faster than the cord (seriously low odds). So while cannibalism almost never happens - the behaviour shows that there is a very real risk of it, hence the males have evolved an intricate defence mechanism to avoid that fate..

Wow, screwing their females, and then bungee jumping right afterwards - these spiders are rad, dude!

Comment Re:Not news (Score 1) 219

You might say there's some experience to it. I take cabs a lot (working late shift and whatnot) and many drivers ask me directly "how about a chick for tonight".

As far as I heard, the taxi drivers are getting paid for each customer they drive to a whorehouse (by the house, not by the taxi company). It's a kind of side job for them.

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