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Comment Cool spider bro! (Score 1) 171

So for example male spiders in the orb-web families spin a line of very stretch silk which they keep attached to a leg during initial contact and mating with a female - as soon as mating concludes they let go with the other legs and their bungie cord gives them a very rapid escape. Cannibalism only happens if the cord fails to function for some reason, or the female manages to be faster than the cord (seriously low odds). So while cannibalism almost never happens - the behaviour shows that there is a very real risk of it, hence the males have evolved an intricate defence mechanism to avoid that fate..

Wow, screwing their females, and then bungee jumping right afterwards - these spiders are rad, dude!

Comment Re:Not news (Score 1) 219

You might say there's some experience to it. I take cabs a lot (working late shift and whatnot) and many drivers ask me directly "how about a chick for tonight".

As far as I heard, the taxi drivers are getting paid for each customer they drive to a whorehouse (by the house, not by the taxi company). It's a kind of side job for them.

Comment Re: The days of high taxes on corps are numbered (Score 1) 442

If you want citations go and find them, why do you expect someone else to run around for you? You are an anonymous coward with delusions. If you wish to discus the subject stop the fallacies as that is bullshit.

Now that is pure bullshit. If you want to make a statement, provide evidence for it. Don't ask others to do that for you. If you want to persuade people to your point of view, then you have to provide evidence, not them.

Comment Re:FINALLY! (Score 1) 132

AT&T means American Telephone and Telegraph. Now they can change it to mean American Telephone and Television. Finally AT&T can stand for something that isn't ridiculously out of date.

Well, traditional telephone (landline) and television are going to be obsolete too quite soon. If they want a future-proof name then they should change it to American mobile Telephone & InTernet :-P

Comment Re:Samsung marketing is on fire (Score 1) 266

It's not US. I was on an Iberian Express flight from Madrid and they specifically called out Galaxy Note 7s in the terminals at Madrid and Amsterdam, as well as in the plane itself.

Yup. I heard the same warning on a TAP Portugal flight from Lisbon - "turn off your Galaxy Note 7". Now that's a real turn-off for potential Samsung phone buyers (including myself).

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