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Comment Re:Makework (Score 1) 1126

The key problem is that we are bending toward a world with much less jobs. If we want jobless people to live and the economy to keep working, we need to give them money somehow.

If you start giving money to the jobless people, then they will be jobless forever. How about giving them better education so they can find better jobs instead of relying on the same soon-to-be-obsolete job skills for the rest of their lives? If you are so worried that technological progress is killing some low-skilled, low-paid jobs then you are failing to notice that it creates other, higher-skilled, better-paid jobs. Why don't you leave your phone and computer and go back to the good old technologies of pidgeon-mail, hand writing, and using an abacus to count your money? Computers killed the abacus business, phones killed the pidgeon messaging. Are you really worried about that?

Comment What about cookie warnings? (Score 1) 471

While I don't mind cookies that much I do mind the retarded EU-mandated cookie-warnings that keep popping on every site possible, Fortunately there is an addon for that too!
I don't care about cookies 2.5.3
Available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and some other less popular browsers (no version for IE).

Comment Re:Nah. (Score 1) 335

Why would you want a VM with only a single process?

Exactly. There is no point in running a full blown OS just to virtualize a single app or process. Linux has an option for that, and it's called LXC (Linux Containers). Old Unices have that too: Solaris - Zone/Container AIX - WPAR HP-UX - vPar

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