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Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 2, Funny) 155

I think the submitter plans on not using it, and most likely submitted the story to inform others, should they wish to not use it as well.

I think the submitter should elaborate on what this "wrong" way of rubbing is. Just to inform other, should they wish to be rubbed in that way.

I for one welcome our new wrong-rubbing overlords

Comment Re:For Once a Good Use of the Web (Score 1) 249

He was quoted saying: "That's it baby, that's the spot. Just move nice and slow. Getting a bit shy now? Oh, you're such a tease. I like it when you go down like that. Oh baby, are you coming? Yeah you're coming. Almost there... Hold on I'm getting there... Oh there it is!... It's a girl! A cute little girl!"


What's Coming In KDE 4.4 423

buzzboy writes "If you're wondering what the folks over at KDE have been cooking up for the next major release, KDE 4.4, well, quite a bit as it turns out. In a lengthy interview, KDE core developer and spokesperson for the project Sebastian Kugler details the myriad changes that are coming with the 4.4 release — the fifth major release since KDE 4.0 debuted to much criticism nearly two years ago. The project has closed about 18,000 bugs over the past six months and the pace of development is snowballing. The 'heavy-lifting' in libraries and frameworks for 4.0 is now starting to pay off. Perhaps the biggest change is in the development of a semantic desktop. According to Kugler, 'If you tag an image in your image viewer, the tag becomes visible in your desktop search. That's how it should be, right?' There is also a picture gallery of KDE 4.4 (svn) screenshots so you can see what it will look like."
The Internet

DNSSEC Implementation Held Up By Tech Delays 57

Jack Spine writes "VeriSign has said that the main obstacle to DNSSEC implementation has been technical delays. The large size of the .com and .net domains would have made it impractical to deploy earlier versions of DNSSEC, according to VeriSign vice president of naming services Pat Kane. Deployment of DNSSEC will close a major security flaw in the DNS, the internet's equivalent to a telephone directory. The problem of DNS cache poisoning was thrown into sharp relief by researcher Dan Kaminsky last year."

Comment Re:Release cycles? (Score 1) 1231

For me KK is awesome, because I finally have accelerated graphics on my Dell Mini 9. I tried setting it up on jaunty a couple of times before but just assumed that my netbook didn't have the right chipset or enough graphics memory to run compiz. Now my netbook has all the benefits of the Ubuntu installation on my MBP (avant window navigator being one of my favourite things about it, 3D desktop cube and wibbly windows next), and more.

Same here. On previous versions my Toshiba laptop needed at least 25% of CPU for X alone, everything was stuttering. With the Koala it's all silk and smooth and it looks nice. It's slower in comparison to XP, but I had a lot more trouble getting XP to work right on the laptop. Koala works out of the box, even with the crappy atheros wlan card that never worked on previous versions.

Comment Re:Microsoft's updated advisory (Score 1) 275

The core of the whole thing and what has pissed most people off on both sides is that both MS and Mozilla took action without customer consent, effectively choosing for us. First MS for installing it, then Mozilla for disabling it.

MS installed it without asking

Mozilla asked if you wanted to disable it

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