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Comment Re:How did I know /. readers would confuse the iss (Score 1) 625

> Two things. One, please prove that the Debian patches are of
> sub-quality. I doubt you will be able to because its simply not true.

One: you can't read. I said that the patches are of questionable
quality. Others in this thread have amply proven that Debian makes
changes that have destabilized Firefox on Debian. I read the original
thread entirely in the Debian bug tracking system. The Mozilla team has
definitely looked at some of the differences and found them wanting (the
Debian team has, for example, changed how the branding is done rather
than using the branding switch that the Mozilla team provided for this
very reason).

> Second, the problem Debian is having with it is the fact that they
> thought they had already dealt with it. A representative of Mozilla
> already came to them and they thought they had a deal where they could
> use the name but not the logo and everything would be fine. Now
> Mozilla is coming along, very close to the release of Etch, and saying
> that that deal doesn't mean anything and now Debian must change. Thats
> the hole story.

Yet ... if Debian doesn't fix this now, they're breaking trademark
issues for years after, given that Debian releases so rarely.

> And saying that Debian is doing a piss-poor job with no proof is really
> not right at all.

Except that it's not my claim. It's the claim of the Mozilla developers
-- and a lot of people on this very thread.

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