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Comment So, no surveillance is happening in Russia today? (Score 1) 166

The law will come into force in 2018, which implies that there is no mass surveillance in Russia today. I think this is a concealed message to the World that Russia is clean now. And there is time until 2018 for Putin to sign amendments to the law that will make obsolete its most scandalous bits. Just a hunch.

Comment Re:This isn't a question (Score 1) 623

Oh, do we really? While the Western World enjoys its recreational sex, more conservative civilizations take their heritages seriously. They know that it will be their children and children of their children who will rule the future.

The Ireland referendum has won the day, but does it help the Western World to protect its values in the long run? Who will be left to protect it anyway several generations down the road? Just trying to think beyond my bedroom for once.

Comment Re:This isn't a question (Score 1) 623

All I am saying is that raising kids is the hard bit. The institution of marriage is one of attempts by society to support those involved in raising kids. Now we are diluting the definition, which makes you feel satisfied, I suppose. Well, to me, and I am just one opinion here, it sounds like you are taking away a bit of pride of those who have chosen to spend a vast portion of their lives on fostering the next generation and thereby keeping the society going. My question is what you are going to offer in return.

Comment Re:This isn't a question (Score 1) 623

Congratulations with your emotional victory, but please explain to me how should we award those couples who see their marriage as the way to form unions for upbringing the next generation of human beings on this planet. And if I am to put on scale LOVE vs KIDS, then I have so much more respect to those who spend good 20 years of their lives doing this hard job day-in day-out -- raising kids. And if you are prepared to do that, I'll respect you too. If not, then you are a fluke of evolution as far as it is concerned.

Comment Re:Science works (Score 1) 434

Any scientist has got to believe in measuring boundary conditions, math axioms, deduction and the law of large numbers. However, there are other successful systems of belief. Those are not anywhere near to Science in explaining how the world works, but they may succeed better than Science in keeping one at peace with the world and with the unavoidably terminal presence of individual in it.

I regret that Science has a considerable amount of arrogance towards the issue of individual’s purpose in the Universe. Yet, the scientific way of dealing with the reality is the best we have got, IMHO.

Comment Re:It's a fact (Score 1) 272

Thank you for a good attempt to give justice to the Soviet's role in defeating Nazis. One concern, though. We have been taught in school that the second front was requested in 1942, but opened only in 1944 when it became obvious that Nazis would not break the Soviets. Apparently, Roosevelt was ready to act before Churchill. Also, the supplies to Soviets have played a critical role even before the second front was opened. Eventually, it is good that Allies joined, because otherwise the whole of Europe would become a Soviet territory, just like it happened to Eastern European countries. There would be no Marshall Plan, and Russian language would be taught in every school...

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 969

Such complex phenomenon as "socialism" cannot be catpured in a single word. When people in U.S. speak of "socialism", it is only too easy to dismiss them. Just like in Russia it is all too easy to dismiss those speaking of "democracy". People in power play out on populist notions, while in fact both societies evolve along similar trajectories. It is all about propaganda, my friends.

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