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Comment Re:Lemme ask you this ... (Score 1) 500

Well, the election system isn't helping either. It's very unlikely a third party will ever get a decent momentum the way the system is set up. On the other hand the SNP and UKIP (both rather single topic extremists though) managed to break up what was basically a two party parliament in the UK, so maybe there is hope.

Comment Re:Fiat currency (Score 1) 291

Well, could you at least get out of their way? Kill the prescription laws so the poor might be able to get the drugs they need even if they can't afford a doctor? Kill medical licensing in hopes they can find a helpful layman rather than nothing at all? How about remove restrictions on importing drugs from civilized countries where they are more affordable?

Either I missed the *sarcasm* tags or you have absolutely no clue how people work.

Comment Re:Hey, Look what I can do! (Score 4, Interesting) 100

I have to agree to that. I large companies it is rather hard to find someone to listen to you AND in a position to actually change something. Even if the company knows about the problem, they will probably either ignore it, or find the cheapest way to make it disappear. Probably a new software module in the 2016 model.
If the information gets public though, they can't deny knowledge of the problem and become liable. I do believe companies should get a warning and some time to find a proper solution, not for them, but for those affected by their products, but that warning should include a deadline.
Oh and I consider it completely irresponsible, stupid and dangerous to go after the hackers and charge them with computer crimes.

Comment Re:There is no freedom in US (or almost anywhere). (Score 1) 330

If he played his cards right, he could have turned the courtroom into a trial of these National Security laws.

Do you really think the trial would have been public? The whole thing is about "national security" and releasing classified information and I seriously doubt his ability to turn the trial it into a public forum.

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