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Comment Same thing with the 2011-2013 MacBook Pros (Score 1) 204

"replace a broken phone with a refurbished one that is subject to the same engineering defect that caused the phone to break in the first place." A lawsuit had to be filed against Apple for all the 2011, 2012, and 2013 MacBook Pros that suffered problems with failing GPU chips, before they finally implemented an extended warranty program. But all the warranty program does is allow you to get a refurbished motherboard with the exact same problem. My replacement motherboard died with the same issue just 1 week after it was replaced.

Comment Re:What you need to know about optical media (Score 1) 385

For DVD+Rs, I have noticed a drop in quality from Verbatim. The last few batches I got in the past 1-2 years have exceeded acceptable error thresholds in Nero CD-DVD Speed. A Taiyo Yuden batch I got a year ago passed with flying colors. Fortunately it was a batch made in Japan, as I heard they were moving production China - not a good sign. I'm looking for DVD+R DLs, and TY doesn't make those. Verbatim does, but the reviews say that quality has dropped ever since they moved production from Singapore to UAE a few years ago.

Comment Re:40 hour week is a myth (Score 1) 193

> If it was really 30 hours, you could work 30 at Amazon, 30 at Microsoft and get 150% of your salary for working the same number of hours as "full time". Or you could do what a former coworker of mine did. He had 2 full-time jobs, one of which allowed him to work from home - home being the office of the other job.

Comment Yes I do, but the media is getting worse. (Score 1) 385

It used to be that Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden were the 2 best brands of optical media. But the last 3 packs of Verbatim DVD+R discs all tested poorly in Nero CD-DVD Speed. So I had to buy the more expensive Taiyo Yuden. Those tested well, but supposedly the Taiyo Yudens aren't made in Japan anymore - they moved the production to China. (Mine were made in Japan.) So who knows if they'll be able to maintain the same quality.

Also, Taiyo Yuden doesn't make DVD+R DL discs. Verbatim supposedly made high quality DVD+R DL discs in Singapore, but a few years ago they moved production to UAE, and the reviews aren't very good for those.

I just got a BD-RE writer in a new laptop, and have no idea what a good brand for BD discs is. I haven't looked into it, as I don't have a need to burn BDs yet.

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