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Comment Verizon frequently drops to 3G, sometimes even 1X (Score 1) 208

I was on AT&T for several years. They were generally reliable, although couldn't get a signal in a few areas near me, and the speed was not very fast. So I switched to T-Mobile's unlimited plan this year. They were faster than AT&T and pretty good signal wise, except at my office where I get no signal at all. So I had to switch to Verizon. Initially the signal seemed good everywhere and speeds seemed decent, but generally not as fast as T-Mobile. But after a few weeks, the LTE signal at my home has become very intermittent - it frequently drops to 3G and even 1X sometimes. Not a big deal as I can use Wifi at home (although Comcast at home frequently has problems so it'd be nice if I could use the mobile hotspot). If T-Mobile ever upgrades their network near my office, then I will definitely switch back to them.

Comment Re:Sweet! (Score 1) 48

I left AT&T due to spotty coverage. I tried out T-Mobile and they had great coverage except in 1 spot - my office, which is pretty important. So I switched to Verizon, which has OK coverage at work and poor coverage at my home. T-Mobile's CTO, who replies on twitter, told me they'd be upgrading their network near my office next year. If it happens, I'd switch back to them in a heartbeat.

Comment Re:Very true (Score 1) 74

Many startups dream of getting purchased by the big companies like Yahoo and AOL. They will be around FOREVER!

If your startup gets purchased for a few billion or a few million, just cash out immediately, so even if the acquirer's stock goes to 0 in a few years, you already have money in the bank.

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