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Comment Saucer Lights explained (Score 1) 132

That must be why the mother ship has all those lights. Cooling lasers. The overlords see in the heat spectrum (or not at all) and so never expected us to detect them. Blaart: It's like the huuuman is looking right at ussss. Pleaotard: Not possible, Overlord Blaartumus. We have the cooling lasers working overtime.

Comment Re: How can ... (Score 0) 384

Answers like this scare me. There's no reason to comment instead of delete code if you have source control. Diff "previous version" works better than any comment. Can't believe anyone considers commenting out for one iteration hasn't been slapped by even the most intermediate Dev on their team.

Submission + - Anyone Experience Enhanced Morning Reflexes

ayahner writes: "For the third time this month I was driving to work and noticed that, although I was driving about 50 MPH, the road seemed to pass me by very slowly. It felt like 25-30 MPH at most. I ask the slashdot community if anyone knows of a study that addresses this perception and if it confirmed real or not. If not for my morning schedue and the unpredictability of this perception, I am tempted to try my hand at beating my best Forza track times when this happens.

To date, I have not."

Submission + - Alienware/Dell Support pointless

ayahner writes: I am currently on the phone with "various" Dell representatives from many departments. I say various because I am listening to a repeating "Please Wait" notification while "Daniel" transfers me for the 10th time. My phone log shows 1:04:03 as I write this, and I have still to talk to someone who can help. My XPS has continuous power issues, fan vibration issues, and bluescreen issues after resinstalling windows 7 twice, having 3 service technician visits — the third one to replace the motherboard a SECOND time.

At transfer #10 Maya from Alienware Technical support hung up on me. This is the second hangup and am now listening to her tell me she cannot accept a return after 21 days. I'm not done yet... Customer support rep Gitanjali is transferring me again, but as I actually got an Indian name, I may be making progress...

Does anyone know who I can call to get reasonable support for my Support calls?

Comment Re:No, that's not it at all (Score 1) 2058

The cost of putting out this single fire CAN be quantified. It's ridiculous to think it couldn't.
The firemen went on-site and watched a man's house burn down despite him offering to pay "whatever it costs" to put out the fire.

Certainly if they put out the fire and accepted the $75 fee, everyone outside the city fire coverage would likely cancel their fire coverage.
But if the fire department stated simply, "Sir, you didn't opt in for fire covereage so you will be assessed a fee covering the cost of putting out the fire outside of the coverage. is this acceptable?"

The man would say yes, the city would put out the fire, save the dogs, and likely sue the mortgage company for the house to recover the cost.

They let the house burn, risked losing control of the fire, possibly damaged the property (and property values) of the neighbor which DID pay for coverage.

This is a mistake by the fire dept. they were not responsible for responding to his request for putting out the fire: true. but they were responsible for ensuring the safety and protection of the rest of the paying neighborhood. A moral obligation is a different issue, and something tells me this man has a history with the municipality that came into play during this decision.

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