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Comment Re:DD-WRT (Score 1) 241

OpenWRT, what you want is OpenWRT.

I've just switched after something like 6 or 7 years of pretty painless DD-WRT, and OpenWRT is just better.
Organised configuration files, sensical zoning for the firewalls, a real package manager, a real filesystem rather than overuse of NVRAM.
It feels like something that's been designed rather than hacked together.

Also, OpenWRT used to be harder to configure, but with the LUCI webinterface it really isn't that different from DD-WRT now.

Lastly, the project is actually free, run in an open manner and hasn't spiralled out of control with the lead developer obfuscating the web interface and some builds being ony available on the forums.


Submission + - European Parliament INTA committee recommends ACTA rejection (

axx writes: The main European Parliament committee working on ACTA, INTA (international trade) has voted today in favour of its rapporteur's report, which recommends the European Parliament as a whole reject ACTA.
As such, all five committees asked to work on ACTA have given the same answer: ACTA is bad for freedoms and not the right answer, its problems far outweigh any potential benefits, and the Europarl should reject it.
It remains to be seen if the Members of the Europarl will confirm this direction during the vote Plenary, scheduled for the 4th of July, but this is great news indeed.

Comment Re:Fine, I'll bite (Score 4, Interesting) 627

This is the part where I suggest you read this interview with a guy who wrote malware:

The majority of malware is written for Windows for two, simultaneous reasons: most people run Windows, and it's an easy target. It's both at the same time.

Running some form of GNU/Linux distro doesn't magically absolve you from security issues, but it's a decent first step.

Comment SSH (Score 1, Interesting) 160

Does this mean people should start tunnelling their Tor connexions through SSH, at this point?

Bugged planet indeed, I wonder if any of our lovely "free world" companies like Amesys or Siemens are selling the DPI gear, or if China is using a fully homebaked solution.

And if so, does it run (Red Flag) Linux, obviously.

Comment Re:And you say Chinese can't innovate (Score 2, Interesting) 160

Do you really believe that a census on over one billion people, who have (who had?) an incentive to lie about their progeny, is credible?

Hell, I might be wildly off the mark but for all we know there could be two billion people in China, I wouldn't be that surprised.

Hopefully someone more aware of the reality of the situation will chime in.

Comment Re:So people really have this much time and money? (Score 2) 377

I agree that attacking small fishermen is not the nicest thing. And I'd much rather there were programmes to help fishermen transition to different jobs, like transforming poachers into foresters generally yields great results (such as in central Africa).
That being said, you could use the same argument for fishermen overfishing tuna in the Mediterranean and driving it to extinction. One by one they are just “small fishermen trying to make a living”, on a larger scale (and what with the commercial interests fuelling them), they are a direct menace to the survival of a species. (One can argue about how species live and disappear, but that's another question altogether, and as a general rule, conservation and not fucking with ecosystems is a good rule).

Now, if the boats your refer too are whalers, they have got to be of a large size, and it's unlikely that they are just small fishermen enterprises.

Justification of means is, anyway, always a complex thing. If you consider the harm being done to be far worse than the casual bystander, the means you will find justified will also be more extreme.

Comment Re:So people really have this much time and money? (Score 2) 377

As far as I can tell, Sea Shepherd's sinking of ships has never resulted in injuries, and never happened with people on them. If you have evidence to the contrary, I'd be interested.

I find it very hard to condone harming sentient beings to defend ideas, but the destruction of property doesn't seem like an unbearable tactic.
Most social movements have involved some degree of sabotaging, and not to call a sympathy card here, but the French Résistance resorted to sabotage extensively.
I agree that ends don't justify means, but these means (non harming destruction of property) can be justified by a/ the greater good (loosely defined, and always highly subjective and arguable) and b/ enforcing international laws (by breaking others, which is where it gets interesting).

Comment Re:So people really have this much time and money? (Score 4, Insightful) 377

I fail to see how anything in your comment is related or answers my previous comment.
Also, I think your grossly exaggerating, but maybe you're simply not used to the concept of “civil society” and activism.

Lastly, saying SSCS are cowards is amusing, given they engage in direct action and walk the talk, contrary to many environmentalist NGOs.

Comment Re:These guys are like pirates (Score 1) 377

Said this way, this is mostly FUD.

SSCS have never been convicted in court, to the best of my knowledge.
Even though they have sunk a good number of ships, including some of the Norwegian fleet a while back.

They have thrown rancid butter acid on illegal shipping vessels' decks as stink bombs. We're not talking fluoridicric acid here.
Look out for the “they threw acid at us” spin, the Japanese whaling industry is in an public image war with Sea Shepherd.

“Just doing their jobs” is probably the best bit though.

Comment Re:In other news salmon and tuna are running out (Score 4, Interesting) 377

In other news, Sea Shepherd are a conservation group, they defend all marine species, including Tuna (for which they have been doing a major Mediterranean campaign). You should check the width of their action before pointing out “boo, there are other fish species endangered, so you get no points for protecting one and not all of them!”.

Interesting that while TFA is about clever use of technology in a space where it's not obvious, most slashdotters seem more interested in bashing the group of people using this technology for not following their (very traditional and anthropocentric) view of life. Nice.

Comment Re:So people really have this much time and money? (Score 5, Informative) 377

I believe Watson left Greenpeace because they were softening up. Different interpretations?

The Japanese have massive factory ships dedicated to cutting up and conditioning whales, and according to Wikipedia: “The efficiency of these ships and the predation they carried out on whales contributed greatly to the animal's precipitous decline.”
These are, supposedly, research vessels. You have to appreciate the hypocrisy.

Also, Sea Shepherd vessels *are* vegan, to the best of my knowledge.

And SSCS also have a PGP key to send them encrypted email, c'mon, /. should approve of them.

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