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Comment Re:WTF is this doing on MY slashdot? (Score -1) 757

I think you'd be in a lot of trouble if they knew you were getting on a computer some how. Did you steal one of the psychiatrists tablets? It's really to bad to see someone who knows so much about computers but utterly fails at psychology. You know, the thing that every person is born with? And you so blindly follow your 'leaders' it really is a big box but couldn’t you just try a little harder to think out side of it? I know, its a lot to ask. After all it is just SO much easier to fit in. And that must be you taking the easy route.

Comment Re:WTF is this doing on MY slashdot? (Score -1) 757

Respectfully, if it was your referral to my post, I'm sorry but anyone engating in politics has not even teh smallest perception of how they fit in. You are given your choices. Either of the choices you are given fall well within the parameters of their program. Their program is wrong. Therefore cooperating is wrong. Voting is useless the outcome is still in their favor. You, and your voting will never change anything. not that it matters, but where does it ever say anywhere in history that the voters got credit for something a leader did? NOWHERE. The leaders take the credit. It's all a facet of fundamentally incorrect thinking.

Comment Re:News for Nerds???!! (Score 1, Troll) 757

Wrong dill hole we can discuss evolution or creation or Muons and Hadrons but politics is sleezy humanism. The only importance it maintains in our society is what credit peole like YOU give it. There is nothing 'technical' about this story. timothy shouldn't be banned he's offered lots of good stories for us but someone should smack him thats for sure.

Comment Re:What % of electricity is lost compare to a wire (Score 1) 118

Yeah, should be modded up, even if off topic. Same thing I said to a friend of mine. "But the Chevy Volt isn't all electric!" says he. I said, no car on the road today that I know of is all electric. What's the difference if the generator is sitting 5 feet from the electric batteries and motor or 500 miles. "Oh yeah."

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