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Comment Re:BitTorrent Sync (Score 1) 146

I agree, btsync has been great, syncing between my Linux computers, making remote backups of my parent's Windows computers (My Documents), as well as syncing photos between our phones and tablet. Personally I'm not entirely happy that it's not open source (I know they say it's private but heck... are you really ever sure?), so I'd probably make the switch when someone comes out with an open source alternative. In the meantime however, I'm really happy with it!

Comment Re:New Zealand (Score 1) 1359

The grass is always greener on the other side. I moved to New Zealand 3 years ago from the Netherlands, and this is now the third continent I have lived on. I moved here to get away from the busy lifestyle, the economic pressure and materialistic mentality. The general Kiwi youth attitude is that they all need to go either to Australia or the UK because it's so much better there. The funny thing is they are generally the same ones who have never in their life left the islands, so they actually have nothing to compare it to other than Holywood on TV.

The only reason they think it's all better is because they have a cousin or friend who did the same and is earning "big bucks" in comparison. It has nothing to do with lifestyle, and even more amusing is they almost all come back after several years ;-)

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