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Comment Colossus (Score 1) 59

Have these idiots never watched the movie "Colossus: The Forbin Project" ? Do they have any idea how dangerous they are going to make things.... The reality is that we are headed towards true AI, but, from the nanosecond that it actually becomes self-aware, we won't understand it, and it will be 10000 times smarter than us.

Comment Even if it were made of gold and oil... (Score 1) 218

We can't get to it anytime soon.
Unless the EM-drive can scale up we have no propulsion system that will get us there within a reasonable timeframe (1 lifetime), we're currently talking about a 1000-year trip, which is impossible, we can't build anything that will last that long.

Unless there's some kind of breakthrough (Warp drive, 4th dimensional slips, tesseract), in our ability to to deal with vast distances, we haven't got a prayer.

Comment Great for RealDoll (Score 1) 201

But seriously, the Japanese are WAAAAAY ahead on all of this. First of all, the Japanese dolls are much better looking, much more realistic-looking. Secondly the Japanese are ahead on Robotics, I assume you've seen their Uncanny Valley creepy talking heads.

Now admittedly, RealDoll's effort may advance the whole industry, but the RealDolls look fairly plastic and aren't all that attractive. Silicone is durable, but it doesn't seem to be the material of choice for true doll afficianados.

Not that I know anything about all this, of course.

Comment Comcast in Quincy (Score 4, Informative) 101

Comcast in Quincy MA (just outside Boston) is charging their customers for fast internet, but according to my buddies over there, the speed is just faster than a modem.

The entire town has essentially called Comcast to complain, and they've done nothing to fix it, and this has been going on for over a month.

And the best part? Apparently, there's no alternative for internet access. And you're within sight of a major metropolitan area.

Comment VW files DMCA takedown of US government (Score 5, Funny) 227

VW has cause to sue. According the the DMCA, you're not allowed to "reverse engineer" their proprietary software and trade secrets. This is a clear violation of VW's copyrights and trademarks.

And as we all know, corporations have way more rights than people, and since the US government is of the people, for the people, by the people, it's people, and therefore VW has more rights than it does.

So, the US government had better watch out or they could face serious fines and jail time.

Comment Robocalling for ISIS (Score 1) 236

If it were a national security issue, no one would be allowed to spoof a return number of have an anonymous number. Look how the Feds want to make sure everyone uses their real identity on the internet, but they don't seem to give a damn about the telephone network.

And the RIAA and MPAA want to be able to trace and sue every john doe by the IP#, but they also don't give a damn about the telephone network.

So it seems that, in a world of TCP/IP, dial-up is the frontier of the hacking world because companies and governments don't care about it. Hrrrrmmmm.

Comment If it's really all about the money... (Score 1) 188

Then NBC should contract with ISIS to make sure there's a terrorist event. Nothing glues eyeballs to the TV like something blowing up and killing some athletes.

I mean, when you're spending 1.29 Billion, what's another million or two to make sure somebody gets killed on live TV? Didn't you folks ever see the movie "Network" ?

Comment I can top that. (Score 1) 643

I am 51. I was a virgin until I was 41. And that relationship that devirginized me, was the only relationship I've ever had that involved sex. Oh sure, I've made use of "services" since then, and I've had other GFs, but none that involved sex. In fact, I've now been dating the same girl for 2 years, and we've never had sex.

And it's like I'm some kind of hideous, obese monster. I'm very normal, polite to a fault, and patient. Perhaps too patient and too polite and women seem to key in on this and essentially "friendzone" me.

I used to get a little angry and frustrated about this, but now I pretty much do not care. It's not that important and frankly, now I'm getting too old to really give a damn anymore.I've gotten pretty much what I've wanted to out of life for the most part and I'm satisfied with where I am.

But yeah, I sometimes regret not getting involved with the ladies much earlier in life. But I played the cards I was dealt as well as I could. And that's that. As for the current generation having less sex than gen-X'ers, I stand as a proud example that this study can stick it where the sun don't shine. It's bullshit.

Comment Re:As transparent as their customers demand (Score 1) 93

Not necessarily. You *can* influence a large organization *if* they think they can make money off your idea. For example, I was at the NYC Auto Show with my GF -- and we were sitting in one of those giant Fiat-500 looking half-SUV things. And it had a glass roof which we liked.

But my GF complained that the vehicle was too tall, making it difficult for her to get snow off the roof (she prefers station wagons to SUVs, and very few manufacturers make wagons anymore).

So, we were talking with the booth rep, and when she brought up the snow situation, I threw out an idea:

"Why don't you guys run the heating wires through the glass roof, like you do with the back window? Then you can just heat up the glass and all the snow melts away."

I'm telling you now, the guy whipped out an iPad, and typed furiously "defroster for glass roof", and I'm sure in a few years, this feature will appear.

Comment Except the Blu Ray experience is better... (Score 1) 331

I have yet to see a recent release of a film on home video that didn't contain the phrase "Includes scenes not in the theatrical release!"

You know, if they'd release the movie without chopping it to death so they can hold back and then re-sell the movie with added scenes for the home video release, maybe the "theater expereince" would be better.

But I fail to see why I pay $12 per seat, followed by $30 for a water and popcorn, and then have three screaming kids in the dark, and some other jerkwad kicking my seat from behind, when I have a nice high-def TV at home, and can pause it at any time to go to the bathroom.

Comment Does MS have any idea what they are doing? (Score 1) 369

There are a lot of windows partners that sell hardware that BARELY runs Windows 10 as it is. In the race to make cheaper and cheaper hardware, there are products like the HP Stream notebook that comes with only 2GB of RAM and Windows 10 pre-installed. By the time you're done booting up, you have maybe 500mb of RAM available to run *A* application. (do not try and run multiple applications)...

And that's with most of the crap turned off. My guess is that people with minimal hardware who choose to update, won't even get to the desktop before running out of RAM.

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