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Journal Journal: Why many tech writers are idiots

This may sound like a teenage gripe, but I have to say it, people just don't understand the open source community! I read this article at Tech Central Station (wtf are they?) and they claim the same thing that all neophyte open source reporters claim, that Linux is inherently prone to intellectual property violations. Jesus, before any one prints anything more on Linux they should read the LKML. The fact is that no patch is accepted without a written statement that the IP in the patch is owed by the contributor. This is what is called due diligence and it is more than most companies probably do. I mean the only reason any one can make this idiotic claim is because they can see the source code to Linux. Sure many other innovative companies (aka Microsoft) may have millions of lines of copied code in there kernels, but no one can see those. Why don't these reporters research the actual development process, you don't even have to submit a patch, I am a lowly outsider and even I can see the deep consideration that Linus and the other developers have for IP when I read the LKML.
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Journal Journal: BBC and SCO

I posted this letter to the BBC about, This Article.

The letter I posted reads:
You're article is well written, however I must disagree with your assesment of intelectual property issues
regarding Linux. Linux is, in fact built primarily by individuals. Only the recent Kernels, version 2.4 and above, have had code contributed by companies. Most times, the kernel code is contributed by an accomplished programer who is well aware that they cannot use proprietary code.In many cases Linus himself, Eric Raymond or Alan Cox (all of whom are accomplished programers who are very aware of the inner workings of Unix) review the code and look at who has contributed it. If there are intelectual property issues, they have to do with knowledge that is pseudo-public, meaning that the knowledge is well known but under some obscure copyright. All of the kernel archives can be checked by companies on a regular basis. Also, Caldera, or SCO, has and continues to distribute the Linux sourcecode. Caldera bought the rights to Unix as a Linux company, and have now shuned there past in favor of a quick buck. This is why the Open source comunity is up in arms, as SCO has made repeatedly contrdictory statements and refuses to produce evidence of their IP in Linux. I would invite any company on earth to look throught the Linux kernel, part of its great wonder is the fact that some of the worlds best and brightest individuals have innovated new ways of doing old things in the computer world. That is what makes linux so stable, fast and powerful NOT other peoples Intelectual Property.

-Aaron Smith
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Journal Journal: Trusted Computing, Stallman,Linus,SCO

TCPA is not necisissarily bad. However DRM is, We seem to have come to a point where information is so well contrived for people who have no intrest in understanding what is really going on. Microsofts next operating system (plaidium or whatever) Will in essence turn that last good thing I have in my life against me. My mom gives me shit. My boss gives me shit, my dog even gives me shit sometimes literally. My computer doesnt give me shit, it does what I tell it to too a fault. So when DRM is finaly a core element of windows Games or not, fuck windows once and for all I am going to linux. I am a huge fan of GNU. I love there shit. Some times I think the world would be a better place if stallman were president, then he opens his mouth. Dont get me wrong I like idealism, but get the fuck off your high horse and wright some software. Now Linus Torvalds, there is a president. Dignified hard working and most of all focused. He dosent need to put on all of the moral shi and start waxing poetic on his ideals no, he waits until the time is right, then he steps in and says shit about a real threat to the community. I say we ammend the constitution and make this guy president of the United States. On SCO I have to agree with Linus(Article), actually I have never really disagreed with Mr. Torvalds. Anyway SCO is full of it and I for one think that the community should just ignore it. its like this SCO is a the Press Confrence before what is touted as the boxing match of the decade. SCO runs its mouth at the champ, says its piece and when the champ (IBM) is asked for his final responce he waltz over and knocks SCO the fuck out!!

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