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Comment This is a classic mistake in academics (Score 1) 830

Let's for the sake of argument say that the human genome is the blueprint for the human brain. The problem is inevitably that a blueprint on its own does not allow you to build anything. The idea that using the genome is conceptually trivial is utter bullshit. This is what happens a lot when people cross disciplines, they think that all of the stuff in the other discipline is trivial and they can do it all with the skill set they currently have... no need to learn anything new, I can just derive biology for my knowledge of quantum mechanics. This is the underlying problem that TFA points out. Having the blueprints to a skyscraper does not make building one, or simulating one trivial. You have to know about how it interacts with the world. Even finite element modeling will not tell you how it will work under all conditions. While the brain is a chemical computer, it is not trivial to build one in simulation since while we have the blueprints we have know idea how those blueprints turn into a working brain.

Design Contest Highlights Video Games With a Purpose 43

drew30319 writes "Game developers' website Gamasutra discusses a video game design contest with socially redeeming qualities — is this a productive role video games can play? Quoting: 'A unique game design competition aimed at teen violence prevention has announced its winners, revealing that Grace's Diary is taking home the top prize. The annual contest is sponsored by Jennifer Ann's Group, a non-profit organization focused on teen violence education and prevention since its founding in 2006. The "Life. Love. Game Design Contest" challenges entrants to design a game about the issue — without using violence itself.' The winning games are available to play online now."

Comment Forked to death (Score 2, Interesting) 141

I am wondering, why OpenSolaris should even continue?, its not like there is no open UNIX available for x86, you have the BSD family, and even though its not a UNIX you have GNU/Linux. If you are running on Sparc hardware it may be worth it but methinks that oracle might have been interesting in Solaris as a way of getting away from linux.

Submission + - Brittish Authorities Jail Man For Not Coperaging

aws4y writes: The RIPA laws have claimed there first victim a schizophrenic who would not give up his PGP keys even though a judge has deemed him not to be a threat to national security. The full story at El Reg

Comment Ok advertisers you win!!!! (Score 1) 830

I give up, I will buy windows 7...

You want me to see a bad movie where Megan Fox shows off her body fine, I mean its not like the transformers movie this summer was the same thing right? Right?????....

You want me to see a Bruce Willis movie where everyone is a robot with a plot that was originally a Twlight Zone episode remade 4 times then made into a movie 4 times and even has James Cromwell who was in I,Robot which was kind of like this movie ok I will do it......

Yes I will even buy a mac too, but in this case my only request is that you kill Justin Long.....

OK, can I see the House, M.D. episode or Family Guy, Oh you want me to watch The Big Bang Theory, followed by Numb3rs......

I am going to go to sleep

it was all too much, but at least I get to sleep now.

Input Devices

Nintendo Reveals New Wii Controller 89

IGN reports that Nintendo has unveiled the Classic Controller Pro, a new input device for the Wii of a more typical design than the Wii Remote. "From the info we've already got on the PRO, we know it's a larger controller, not only in thickness, height, and width, but it also makes use of one of the more well-received concepts out there, which is the extension grips, which gives it a GameCube, Xbox Controller S/360 look. As you can see, the Z buttons (Z/L and Z/R) are larger now, and placed like the R1/R2, L1/L2 setup found with Sony controllers. The PRO even borrows from the Nyko Classic Controller and Click Grip."

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