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Comment Finally! (Score 1) 296

Can you imagine how wonderful the web would be if ADA requirements were enforced on all the bullshit Flash websites?

Looks like I'll be browsing in ADA mode all day long! (not that I don't already... *clicks on /b/*)

Comment Hate your cake and force it (on others) too! (Score 1) 135

Companies decry government regulation and restrictions on the free market, and yet at the same time use those exact same "tools" of restrictions to subvert each other.

Maybe that's free market at it's best? Using all tools at your disposal. Sure makes things messy though, doesn't it?

I can't say IBM's finger pointing at Microsoft is terribly surprising though...

Comment Re:Hotels (Score 1) 539

I will second this.

I work at an engineering consulting firm and we are experiencing the same challenges. This seems to effect schools (a major part of our business) and munis such as Jake's.

The analog option:
We have had to suggest using a Comcast box per channel and then output the signal to one of these (requires account). This is then piped back into a bi-drectional CATV distribution amplifier and those same digital channels are now available on their analog counterparts. It requires a dedicated rack of equipment and is as expensive as the amount of channels you want to make available. And as Tisha points out, it's really only good for one building.

The digital option:
Same procedure as above only you use one of these per channel. You get unencrypted digital QAM.

Let me just say that the problem is not that these are digital channels. The problem is that Comcast has chosen to encrypt the channels you're paying for. There is no other way around it unless you can convince Comcast to give you your channels in the unencrypted digital QAM format. If all you had to do was buy some generic digital cable tuners/converter boxes, or buy TVs with built-in digital tuners -- you'd be fine. But because Comcast ENCRYPTS THEIR CABLE TV CHANNELS... you can't.

Comment Trapeze!!! (Score 1) 178

My firm loves and adores Trapeze WAPs. You can get MIMO units that are PoE powered for far less than the competition *cough* *cough* Cisco.

We have one prominent client (an IT admin who runs a large school campus) who swears by Trapeze WAPs.

Check them out: link

Keep in mind that only the best WAPs can only handle so many clients at once! You're going to need to have multiple WAPs on multiple channels in your area to make this work.


Submission + - Goodbye Apple. Hello Music Production on Ubuntu. 1

Adam Wrzeski writes: "Create Digital Music has an interesting article on Kim Cascone's switch from Apple to Linux for audio production:

The computer functioned as both sound design studio and stage instrument. I worked this way for ten years, faithfully following the upgrade path set forth by Apple and the various developers of the software I used. Continually upgrading required a substantial financial commitment on my part.

I loaded up my Dell with all a selection of Linux audio applications and brought it with me on tour as an emergency backup to my tottering PowerBook. The Mini 9 could play back four tracks of 24-bit/96 kHz audio with effects — not bad for a netbook. The solution to my financial constraint became clear, and I bought a refurbished Dell Studio 15, installed Ubuntu on it, and set it up for sound production and business administration. The total cost was around $600 for the laptop plus a donation to a software developer — a far cry from the $3000.00 price tag and weeks of my time it would have cost me to stay locked-in to Apple. After a couple of months of solid use, I have had no problems with my laptop or Ubuntu. Both have performed flawlessly, remaining stable and reliable."

Comment TEXT MESSAGES (Score 1) 300

Verizon. You charge 50 dollars a month for UNLIMITED DATA

Verizon. You then charge 5 dollars a month for 400 TEXT MESSAGE

Correct me if I'm wrong Slashdot.... but don't....


And I'm not even going to go into how SMS is transmitted... it's a total racket.

Seriously. Fuck wireless providers. Especially Verizon.

Did I mention fuck Verizon?

Comment not ready? (Score 1) 1365

I'm using Ubuntu 9.04 on my firm's office computer right now. I run AutoCAD in a virtual machine, and do all my other work with Opera/Evolution Mail (damn you exchange server!)/Open Office etc etc.

... Then again I am a tinker-er/enthusiast ...

Besides the pleasure I get from obsessively compulsively tweaking a computer (and subsequently breaking it, and learning stuff), I like to relax with a video game. Until I can play Fallout 3 on Linux-- I won't be scrapping my dual-boot.

Wine (not the sig) just isn't good enough, and virtual machines just aren't fast enough (mainly because currently, none of them can directly take advantage of the host-os graphics card).

Comment Re:All Wow No Fuctionality (Score 2, Informative) 342

The fantastic Windows Classic theme has been removed completely and now you're forced to use wasteful themese where all windows have thick borders and fat title bars.

Start -> Run
Themes Service: Automatic/Manual/Disabled


Windows Key + Pause/Break
Advanced System Settings
Performance -> Settings
Visual Effects
Adjust for best performance


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